What are your ideas for 17(16 for heavy cabs) energy builds?

Another point, I have quite a few friends who play twin Hammerfall builds on Kronos cab. They are salivating at the thought of triple Hammerfall Kronus, which has 4 repair nodes on the top of the cab.

This generator may make Cronus cab extremely popular for shotgun users.

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Was trying not to mention that it was whaler themed. I’m not sure everybody is in on the gag yet.


Fortunately, I don’t have to make plans for a 17-energy build because, unfortunately, I’ll never have that generator because, unfortunately, I will never amass 200 pieces of uranium because, unfortunately, I cannot compete against high-rollers with relics in clan wars. How unfortunate of me to be…among the unforunates.

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You can grind CWs using nothing but BP legendaries. Or even unfused legendaries. Destructors, Parsers, Reapers, Helios, Nothungs, etc. If you cant beat relics with those, ever, its unfortunately a skill issue

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I don’t play Clan wars, I just make good market decisions and grind pvp… I nearly have enough to buy one myself

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Works until Targem decides you need to buy another BP. RIP my Kaiju Bigram, not going to spend 10 bucks everytime Targem tells me to jump.

Note how all the weapons you mentionned share a similar gameplay, tho. If you want to go melee or sniper, the game’s buttfucking you. It’s Firebug/Flash or Scorps or go home.

But honestly it’s not that much about weapons, everybody knows legendary weapons are good. Most people hate CW because of the movement parts requirements. You have to dump tens of thousands of coins into fusing the latest grossly OP movement part every year or so, it’s boring. If you’re not into strafing or ramming the opponent like an idiot, you’re not into “competitive” XO. Which is sad considering it’s a vehicular combat game, and one might be led to believe it’s mostly about driving decently and not crashing :eyes:

Before you go all american psycho self-absorbed maniac on me, I know you specifically are playing something that requires driving. It’s not the meta tho, and even less PC’s meta :skull:


This is why I like CC, in my opinion CC is more competetive than Clan Wars; it’s a mode with actual structure and a PS limit which makes it way more competetive than Clan Wars which is just whale bait.

In CC you need to fit everything under 9k, making an effeicent build and using it well takes much more skill than just maxing out a build with excessive movement parts and whatever armouring method is currently meta.


Kaiju isnt dead. Especially with the nerfs to dogs and the addition of the 1 energy.

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If I could affor 80k coins of stupid relic generator for nothing but CW, I wouldn’t be running Kaiju :sob:

As much as I didn’t understand the buff it got, I don’t understand the nerf it got either, because it was given trash penetration to go with it. Nowadays when I smack a scorp user, the pleasure is soured by my knowledge that he was just THAT bad and I sholdn’t have won :pensive:

Kaiju is a dead weap, its literal trash used by copers addicted to the chance of laying into someone with that one burst.

The 55% piercing doesnt seem to change much with Kaiju since its a bunch of damage spread between multiple projectiles. (Ie…100 damage/projectile w/ 100% piercing or 55%…its still not going to break through much armor without the others also hitting) I see roughly the same amount of damage/volley than i did before, although I suppose it helps that I use Humpback with it.

Well I have some incredibly dumb ideas that’s along the lines of “might be ok in theory, terrible in practice”

Humpback Trombone Varun: Despite the HP nerf, Varuns still have enough hp to be serviceable if protected well enough (which their model fortunately allows). If all conditions are met, this would be up to ~642 damage/shot. The damage would of course rapidly decline, but its something that previously wasnt possible. Id be mad enough to actually try it if i wasnt busy going for another relic atm and if I could resell the Odin (as this idea is terrible and wouldnt work at all) at a minimal loss.

Snowfall/Fortune Brawler: Currently the largest problem with a snowfall/fortune brawler (for me at least) is the hotred limitation. 3 snowfalls/fortunes, hadron and flywheel has the damage , but is not as durable as ideal for such a role. Being able to swap the Hotred out with a Colossus/Pegasus would allow one to considerably increase both mobility and survivability. Might be too much ps bloat for Snowfalls, but Fortunes could handle it, especially if fused. Alternatively, it’d allow Humpback, Cohort or Echo to be used without having to give up a flywheel.


I’ve made many Fortune/Locust Echo brawlers on wheels or Bigrams in the past. These are really good under a spider because they are hard to hit.

To be fair when we play at 9k our friend very often runs a 9k kaiju build and it works well.

Out group has quite a variety of playstyles, usually a mix of shotgun, incinerator, myself with hit and run and my friend on their Kaiju… it works well because as a group we’re all doing different things and while fighting the Kaiju acts a sa good area denial/sniper weapon to aid us in the fight.