What are your ideas for 17(16 for heavy cabs) energy builds?

As i posted in another thread, im visualizing double bubble wheel builds with 3 4 energy guns or 2 6 energy guns.

Others ive thought about (some rather obvious tbf):

Quad puni omamori favorite cab hover.

Quad destructor flywheel photon banana build.

Quad Parser cloak Ghost banana build. (800+ hitscan damage coming out of cloak :skull:)

Fusion build with a masto, adapter flywheel backpack. Attached to a quad helios humpback gerrida spider.

Triple Puni omamori Acari catalina hover.

Anyone else make or theory craft anything fun?

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I’m gonna have an Aegis in my dual Retcher build and maybe even my Helicon, it’s been hard to run retchers in the current meta-state and I think it’ll help…

I’ll also upgrade my triple Cricket build to have a Cheetah engine and maybe even get a 3rd Fortune back, granted it’ll need to be fused to match though so that might be a ways off yet.

It was nice of the devs to make this gen the perfect size to fit in my build…

Man knows how to pack the truck for vacation, of that I’m certain. :laughing:

Id like you to try the dual aegis retcher cheetah and lmk how it goes. Itll be way more hit and run, and less payoff for getting that nice flank. But its apples to oranges if you try to compare one to the other. Itd be a whole different playstyle (when to attack [anytime with dual aegis charged], how long to stay on the attack, how to manipulate opponents with you being on the radar vs having a cloak and truly suprise attacking, etc. etc.). The strengths will be different, but i think each will have its merits. I just want someone with years of wheel build play to lmk. Most would look at the parts list and say Nah Brah, cant work. Something tells me if someone can, youre the xo_guy for the job. Not tryna ride your d##k, but game recognizes game :facepunch:

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Cheers, well I liked retchers but the cam steering made it much harder to get away after doing runs on enemies… using an aegis on my fortune build has proven to be way better at getting in and getting out… so I’m hoping I can have that hit and run with retcher back… They just come off too easily with the current meta.

I should hopefully get an Odin by the new year or so if things go as planned anyway. I sold my Thor for 18k and thought F it… any build with Thor might as well have an Odin… even my 9k faces 15ks

Also. Meta slaves will conform and adjust to stay on top. Im trying to truly pioneer some things. There’s gonna be trial and error everywhere. Itll take months to shake out the purest metas I bet. But there will be preconceived taboos as well. Ones that stop people from even trying certain things.

Example of Puni taboo: Running 4 punis without using an omamori to keep your stripping advantage, pfft / vs / running 4 punis without a radiator, pfft / vs / using a favorite cab hover??? PFFT!

No one will believe anything until it rocks them time and time again.

What im saying is there is truly a wild wild west of meta shake-up in the works now (as far as PS ranges where the Odin will matter/CWs). Way more than ever before imo.

Some people will simply add a cloak to their Masto Cohort. Brilliant :roll_eyes:

But for people trying to truly do something different that wasnt possible a month ago, it’s literally like a kid in a candy store.

Related: RIP my 2nd Scorp, i swore id never sell you, but then i did. #Odin

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rn seal
Hot red
3 cyclone fusions for rate of fire

4 of any 4 energy guns + 1 support module of the weapons type (reload/radiator/cooler)

I wonder, how would a dual mandrake/heather king/hadron do?

I keep tryign to think of combos but nothign truly stands out as being unique aside from what i just said… most builds just get an extra energy for module/omamori and usually just means that 4x 4 energy weapons get that extra nodule…

It sucks that the power unit is 2 energy because 4 Helios could go hard as fk… without it you may as well just run 3 and a power unit + modules.

I’ll try thinking of more combos

4 Whirls fused for damage and rate of fire, 1 Seal, on Beholder, with Hot Red and lots of Sabbath wheels :muscle: :triumph:

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I worry that many things which sound cool on paper will be such a high PS that they become less viable

I was joking, but i still play my 13k PS Cohort Whirl brick in CW sometimes… Still the best thing I have to plow through some flamers :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I just want a cheetah in my triple cricket build w/ cloak, that’s like a 5 year long dream come true

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Lmao, this makes me think that Stillwind’s perk just became usable, 2 years after release

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I’m just hoping that when we get un-fuse event I can profit from all the legendary stabz I bought, people will wanna un-fuse those Stillwinds they have gathering dust to make Odins

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Quad Porc

I know I’ll be un-fusing mine. Three of them should pay for the whole generator at the reduced price. Stillwinds are dissapointing to me. I use them to mop up AC challenges in Patrol as the perk is excellent for getting bots to target something else. If I’m too distraught for the loss of Stillwinds, I will console myself with my 3Cyclone 2 Seal build until I calm down.

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Yeah for challenges I have 2 tempest from a bp ages ago… Stillwinds were so meta, so they milked it with fused ones, now everyone will be iching to use them for Odins.

I doubt you’ll miss them, they’re quite a generic weapon

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I’m thinking this generator will lead to renewed interest in 5 energy guns. Not only because they’ll be more functional, but also because that exploding generator will be a juicy target for explosive weapons in general (and most of the five energy weapons are explosive).
Really hoping that maxed out explosiveness means that popping the generator will take most of the build with it.

Has anyone mentioned how good the generator looks?


I wish it had an exposed nuclear core of some kind with a nice glow… it’s meant to be based on nuclear after all

I would agree if Apollo didn’t already have that look.
I enjoy how this grease monkey version looks more like a big engine.

Yeah I think I’d appreciate it more if the Thor wasn’t the same hyperboian style I suppose