What are your opinions on the AM-5 Avalanche (new mortar)?

i see tons of people talking about the “heather”, but no one seems to be interested in the “avalanche”, it is our first weapon of the “mortar” sub-category, we may even get more in the future!

i honestly have the same opinion as i have for the kaiju, it is extremelly heavy, but it is not durable enought considering the size, energy, and quantity of the weapon in a singular vehicle…

It might be interesting but I’m not excited about it. (I’m not a big fan of lobbing shots.) It’s one of those weapons that I kind of want to see paired up with Grizzly as during reload which is painfully slow it gets 30% dmg resistance. You can get another 30% from Grizzly on top of that. You can boost that dmg resistance even higher with Cohort too. So I’m too concerned that it only has 1592 durability.

2 of a fusion could do enough to ruin people’s days, but yeah 1 alone seems a bit lacking.

Honestly 2 Heather’s will be hard to use also, so much close quarters and movement going on, 14 energy worth of artillery you have no room for modules like a kapkan plus something else, idk… guns are cool but impractical imo

i honestly always wanted a"mortar-like" weapon that did not have a trajectory like mandrake’s, just a bit disapointed that it is fixed angle…

it’s durability may look “Over Powered” but look at the disadvantages this cannon has:

-12 energy comsumption
-only a singular one per regular vehicle
-poor accuracy
-extremelly long reload
-extremelly low projectile speed
-fixed angle
-very slow traverse time
-extremelly large size
-extremelly heavy
-extremelly easy to hit

it may have a lot of durability, but it is not much for 12 energy + the fact that if you lose it, you become instantly useless.

now look at this conparsion:

-12 energy of tsunamis: 1492 durability

-12 energy of fat mans: 1660 durability

-12 energy of typhoons: 1900 durability

-12 energy of mammoths: 2568 durability

-12 energy of mastodons: 3010 durability

this cannon weights 655 kilograms more than a singular mastodon, yet it has only 87 more durability, while being 12 energy, so you still have basically half “total weapon durability” than someone running mastodons or mammoths…

also, considering how fast large parts fall with most weapons nowdays this may mean that you will instantly lose any fight if you miss the first shot, which consideering the weapon’s poor accuracy may be very likelly to happen often

-creates topic with the intente of discussing the new mortar due to people only talking about the new artilhary

-someone replies talking about the new artilhary and not mentioning the new mortar once


(just wanted an excuse to se4nd this legendary rarity gif)

they even did give us a fusion that is literally useless and makes the weapon worse if both do not have matching fusions! (all while not giving us the option to craft another one with the same fusion as well)

i almost feel like salvaging mine when i get it, and just craft and use two regular ones…

this weapon is going to be incredibly difficult to use, but everyone is screaming about it after dealing 5k damage to a stationary target full of explosives…

I talked about both because it’s a forum and I can do that, sorry go cry somewhere then


you only taked about the heather?

also, did you read the part i only said that as an excuse to use that gif?

yeah its the finest definition of a “glass cannon” …no pun intended. you have to make your shots count with it. one wrong move and it can be over. i seen it has alot of durability and 30% damage resistance while reloading, but that wont help it. especially against precision weapons like scorpions. the only use i see for it is in raids. even then its questionable if you can even land a shot on the bots. the weapons super limited.

Kaiju is one of my favorite weapons. I clean up with it. So I’m excited for the avalanche. It’s going to see a lot of playtime from me. It should end up being harder to strip off than dual mastadons. Though it won’t have the DPs of mastadons. But it will be easy to bury in armour so this should work our nicely for me. I’m going to try it on hadron and master cabs. I was going to do a Deadman build but now the gun seems to heavy for that cab.

Avalanche is the most appealing item in the BP to me.

I’m not saying it’s over powered I’m saying that it’s durability is compensated for heavily with damage resistance during it’s long reloads. It can literally go upwards of 90% damage resistance and the new passive defense module should work with it as well as that doesn’t function on dmg resistance like the averter (which maxes at 30%).

Sure it has other flaws though I’m not sure if I would go as far to suggest that a player would lose instantly if the first shot is missed. I think that will be highly dependent on what the build brings to the pairing. I.e. covering for the rear and side vulnerabilities and providing ample turn speed with omni or tracks…

I would have preferred it being a 7 en weapon so it could have a companion gun as well.

Resistance does not stack additively

But it was easier then retyping the string of 30s…

It’s a weird weapon with some contradictory properties:

• The resistance perk is suitable for a brawling weapon, yet the slow reload speed makes it seem more intended for a hit/run role…in which case, the perk is useless.

• It’s advertised as having an incredibly high blast radius, but this honestly is not really that noticeable. I’m not sure if its bugged or if 200 blast damage is just that weak. (Ie, the damage being spread out too thin) Instead, it’s more of an armor piercing weapon, capable of going through a ridiculous amount of space.

Testing it one of my builds, it goes through a narrow wing, a corner platform,a minivan panel and another minivan panel on the other side. This is not stacked armor either…there’s space in between every one of those structure parts. Overall, against this particular build, it brute forces its way past 4 armor pieces and roughly 10 blocks worth of gaps. This is even after the ammo is removed, so no explosives being hit either. On some of my smaller builds, it completely shears the entire back off from side hits. Testing it against more extreme builds, I’ve seen it reach the cabin through multiple crane side parts…with enough space in between the cabin and the front armor piece to stop Scorps, yet it doesn’t stop the Avalanche. Granted, it’s a tiny amount of damage that can reach the cab in this case, but still.

Yet…it seems to struggle hitting any higher than 1.3k if heat isn’t involved. Again, a highly contradictory weapon…all of this part destruction potential yet such low damage. (for it’s weight, reload speed, difficult of use, etc)

In its current state, it’s going to be a very finnicky weapon to use. The blast damage is unreliable, but being able to go through so much armor will have its uses with well placed shots.

honestly, testing it out, i feel like the blast radius is over 16 feet (units in the editor) of diameter, but the damage in the corners may be very weak, but it still damages things (this is not the upgraded version)

the aiming angle this weapon shoots is just surreal, WHY DOES IT NEED THEM? i know, it can make some interesting plays, but consideering how high you need to rotate your camera it is just not combat viable ( explosion radius is way bigger than a mandrake, but eh new explosion mechanic are in use so it is useless) i’d honestly rather have a faster weapon “traversal” as it is current it literally has a large delay before it starts to move towards where you are looking when you move the camera after being completelly still for some time, and for some reason as well when i am moving the vehicle with the movement parts it just completelly loses the ability to do any sort of traversal…

i honestly think the devellopers are makings this weapon as bad/hard to use as possibly possible after what happned to the kaiju (which i would really like a durability increase(and one in avalanche as well))