What did you unfuse and sell?

Let’s see what people have unfused and sold off, to see what parts are not very popular right now and what people would just get rid off rather than keep in their inventory

I unfused and sold Nest, Pyralids, Summators, Gravastar, Thresher, Assembler

I didn’t unfuse anything because this thinge smells like Assembler’s about to get buffed just to piss off people. I’m more tempted to buy a second one and play them (^:

Dusk Cabin

Nothing. In most cases the stabilizers are worth more than the item itself. Each epic stabilizer is worth 38 coin and it takes 15 stabilizers to remove a upgrade from an epic with 570 coin worth of stabilizers. Legendaries will take 1200 worth of stabilizers. Probably why the assembler didn’t tank like the rest of the ex bp legendaries because the stabilizers are worth either more or almost as much as the item itself. Even if it didn’t cost me no stabilizers I still wouldn’t remove the upgrade, on top of market fees it is horrible value in my eyes and you have to be pretty desperate for coin to do it.

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I turned all my stabilizers into legendary ones, and sold all of them.
Thanks devs for all the coins!


i didnt unfuse anything lol. i just made a bunch of legendary stabilizers and sold them, made a nice big wad of cash off them to :smiley:
+2000 coins in my wallet :smirk:


I use a dual Assembler build with a quantum for the “energy weapons” challenge rotation. They make a pretty good sniper weapon since there’s no drop to deal with, and when an enemy gets up close, they act somewhat like a shotgun.

Same! I kept a few stabilizers at each level, but sold the rest. I cannot fathom a way in which I’d use 80 or so stabilizers.

I know, I just prefer the Kaiju because I sold my hovers ages ago. Might try em on Omnis tho

man, thank you.
thanks to you i just made 500 coins in a blink of a eye.

Sometimes i just can’t get myself.
I knew about stabilizers, i knew about being able to trade them. i don’t use them, it’s being there occupying space and collecting dust…

another 500 with building legendary ones

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your welcome :slight_smile:

yeah, the thing is just keep collecting them. i had 38 boxes of common ones and i had tons more in common stabilizers out of the box so i just fused them all into legendary ones and sold them. i made so much profit off them, plus i prefer others to use them instead of them going to waste.

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The redundant, second fused Bootstrap from a battlepass. Always annoyed me it was there.


I unfused a failed +mass Nova attempt and a failed -mass Apollo I’ve had for ages. Then I went ahead and unfused and sold my 3 Cyclones. Even when they were decent, I still never liked the gameplay. 20000 coins refunded was fine by me. I ate the loss long ago on all 5 of those. Recouping some coin at all was a big win for me.

Now I’ve got 2 stillwinds with plans to get the Mr. Twister fused one and see how 3 of those feel.

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Unfused my BP stillwind and bought 4 other stillwinds at 3k and they already are at 4.5k :smiley: ez profit although imma keep diamond hands

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I didn’t know you could fuse stabilizers. Really, who would even think about doing that? Apparently not me. I sold all of mine, as-is. What a wasted opportunity.

I unfused and sold my Guiding Star (Season 5) Stillwind. I play Cyclones, so a Stillwind build seems redundant. Also, it was selling for a good price and the fusion wasn’t the greatest. I sold 3 gold stabilizers as well. If I had more stabilizers, I would have unfused and sold something else.