What do blue-dot drones in raids do?

Normally these drones regenerate enemy vehicles. But in a few areas it is seen as blue dots. When I go to Yanina, nothing happens. Can we use them? Or what do they do? :man_shrugging:

I always just shoot them, they explode.

They do, do something, they heal the enemy

I already said that those with red dots heal the enemy. these are the blue dots. And they just stand there, not moving.

Well excuse me maybe your raids are glitchy, as I’ve never seen one of those stand still doing nothing, they’re normally running around healing stuff, maybe ask one out for dinner to find out?

I’ve only noticed the blue dot repair drones in raids the past month or so.
Seems like they turn blue when you destroy the raider that launched it.
I’ve been curious if they would repair allies, but I have not noticed that happening.
They are confusing though, as I’m never sure if I should be killing them or not.


Kill them. They still damage you if you ram them.

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cant tell if your trying to be a jerk or not but ive encountered these as well so its more of a glitch in the game rather then the player themselves.

they deactivate when you kill the raiders i think, either the raider that launched them or the launcher / trailer itself. they just stay still not doing anything. just shoot them as they can explode and deal alot of damage if you ram them. (theres another glitch with these guys to thats pretty silly, if you shoot one it explodes so hard it blows itself through the ground and out of bounds xD)

they dont repair allies, basically they act as a grenade. if you ram into them they can explode dealing a ton of damage. i should know cause i hit one by accident and took around 700 damage. though read my comment above yours.


They got snarky and I got snarky back, nothing to it little buddy

haha, console or pc? i thought youre on pc but am also convinced this is a clear sign of a console gamer.

in other words, you failed at reading comprehension and when told so displayed some rage fueled by ignorance.

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