What do we need to purchase to unlock steel championship rewards

I have the basic battlepass, but I don’t seem to be getting the rewards. Do I need to buy the elite pass to get these paints and decor?

They have a separate “battle-Pass” for it. Works just like the main one.
Ya, now they drag them out and pile them on top of each other. It’s weird, I think.

When I click the link to purchase, it shows that I’ve already bought the basic one. So which one do I need to get the extra stuff?

I’m on PC, and IDK if it’s otherwise for thee, but it’s in the shopping tab (in game) for me…

…and then…

Hi Poony,

You buy the $10 car to get the SC battlepass. This is well worth it because the car has so much decor to scrap. Once you have hte SC battlepass, you start completing it by looking at the soccer mission, which is either play games, win or score goals. You can find the soccer mission at the top of your ordinary weekly mission boards.

I find myself playing soccer just to get some of this stuff. I just completed level 16 and am trying to keep out of Silver league without tanking games because I think it ramps up opponent difficulty depending on what league your in. Bronze league has me plowing through the BP in a reasonably efficient manner with about 1.2 goals per game and a 50/50 win loss ratio.

This SC battlepass is quite a grind, but I want that soccer goal air horn, the damage counter and the Skinner CK.

I guess I’ll see how far I get in steel championship. So far I am not doing well, so if I don’t start getting the hang of it soon I doubt I will bother.
I’ll check again today, but I’m pretty sure the “battlepass” link on PS4 didn’t bring up that car pack, but just the various other Battlepass packages. But I’m sure I can locate it in the Shop tab now that I know what I’m looking for.

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Something that turned me from an awful SC player to a mediocre one is I turned on ball lock mode for the camera most of the time. Remember that your tether can only hit things in front of it. I spin donuts while the ball is in the air and then close in with my Skinner. Once I’ve hooked the ball, I drive blind to the goal, using the field paint lines for orientation. This is a bad way to play, but it gets you some goals and some wins, which is all I really care about in grinding the battle pass.

With ball lock view, you miss your Ripper shots unless they are close or the ball is not moving, but you make a much more of your Skinner hooks. I use the Ripper mostly defensively, to shoot the ball away from my goal but will try to shoot the ball if it is in front of the enemy goal.

The good players use ball lock sparingly to orientate their camera, and also can cover particular zones rather than just chasing the ball. The good players also pass the ball to each other. I’m not a good player.

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