What do you guys think will be the next brainfart?

So we have had some aneurysms in the past, supercharged tossing wheels and wheeled builds in general out the window and making driving a pain, armor changes bloating the already stagnant dps overperformance meta even further beyond while tossing 4 years of balance tweaks into the trash on most weapons that already struggled, clan and confrontation forcing group play cheese behavior and slapping solo players across the face while forcing a cancerous clan wars light playmode to further suck away the joy of the game, Athena as a whole, heli change pretty much dividing the dying playerbase even further

Any guesses on what will be the next great idea? Honestly by this point no idea that sounds way too stupid to do feels very plausible, I fully expect them to pull out an absolute

of an idea out of their hats, like making all matches cost coins or gas, or all blueprint slots now costing rent


they have a plan for more op bots…(this game has just begun with the new bots) :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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More items in packs becoming not tradable on the market, it’ll start with decor and such but they could easily lock other things behind a paywall. People just keep paying money even though they know all the negative choices devs make… They’ll just keep pushing the boundaries

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Targem sells Crossout to Sony

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What? When? What?

Space hovers. I mean, bots are already hunter-killer laser boats so why not make it official. And helicopters went out of fashion 30 years ago.


water based battles? wouldnt put it past them honestly. watch this become warthunder but customizable. build your submarine / boat and take it into battle!

The next brainfart will be the long awaited nerf of machine guns, piercers and shotguns.
They have been the top builds since beta and targem created many weapons in all those years, but they never nerfed their top dps weapon that every meta build uses, when they nerf that and start to balance the game, about 90% of the players will have that brainfart, when they realize their copy paste builds wont give them wins anymore when they hold the fire button and w.

I would like to not have to use fuel to play raids. I think that would stop the bleed of casual players from this game.
Being forced to get slaughtered by roaming bands of sweaty clans on PvP turns a lot of new and casual players off of the game.
Building a solid vehicle is already hard and mentally taxing enough for new players.

Honestly there should be an option for grinding out the regular resources, or heck just scrap, where people can’t join in groups

Full randos on both teams all the way for people who aren’t afraid to play solo and need their clanmates to hold their hands

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Apparently, it will be a further descent into Clan Wars, because…IDK. This is not a feature I will ever have anything to do with. Ever. I wish they’d stop pushing it. I do not like green eggs and ham, so please FO with that, Sam-I-Am…but that’s not going to happen, is it? Besides, some people do like Clan Wars and it’s not my game, so whatever.

The take away is that Shell Casings will be made available through the feature. I suppose that might mean they’ll add some support to that feature (Shell Casings), like re-invigorating crafting to make them more useful or desirable.

I hate the idea, myself (obviously), and I can’t believe they are still stuck on pushing this schit. If they forge a need to have shell casings, whatever requires them to be earned through Clan Wars, will simply be one less reason to play Crossout. It’ll be yet another feature I completely ignore, and bypass if I can, or log off if I can’t.

More Maps, please. That’s all. How about a race track in Adventure mode? Just a simple static road that goes around in a great big circle. How the hell isn’t there one already? But ya, more “clan wars.” I’m sure it’ll be a real smash…thanks. neat.

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Thanks for posting that video. I knew they were doing something with casings, after removing them from the game, but keeping them for the secret workbench.
At the time, I was happy to sell all of mine, but didn’t realize we weren’t getting any more. When I tried to craft some of those fancy exhausts from the secret workbench, I realized that the price of casings made it far more expensive to craft them than to buy them. So it’s good that they will be increasing the flow again. Even if I never play CW, I will at least be able to buy casings for a better price.

As far as the goal of this coming change, it is a good thing overall. They are correct in identifying that the gap between veterans and newer players is one of the main things keeping CW from growing, and is making it stagnant. Casings could make it profitable enough for newer clans that they stick with it, and are potentially able to more quickly grind their way to competitive builds.

And even if I never play CW, more player retention is a good thing. Anything that increases the active playerbase is top of my list for needed changes. Anything that reduces the gap between veterans and newer players is essential to accomplishing that.
In a way, I feel like helicopters decreases that gap a bit, in that they are somewhat new to all of us, so new players stand a decent chance at being strong with them. The traditional hard to obtain high end guns aren’t essential for good flying builds.

I think they are getting closer to crossplay than we know, and while it will be a mess and some veterans will be upset (especially if/when the markets are combined), overall it’s a needed change that could save the game.

Basically we need more new players, and we need to nerf veterans. Veterans are going to be mad at losing their advantage (or their “investment”), but it’s the right thing to do.

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CW, is a miserable experience… I don’t blame you for not wanting to get involved.

I don’t like how they removed the supply of Casings and then increased the demand by making them an essential resource for limited crafting. All in an effort to force players to participate in the mode that most people hate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it backfires…

Couldn’t it be easier if they made the mode worth playing?

Maps would be fun. I would also like a faction campaign mode, some basic world-building would be nice. Where do the factions get their food and water? Or Fuel, and spare parts?

I appreciate the clever phrases you use. You’re one of my favorite forum members.