What do you think about the Atom?

(Photo credit to Splatulated from Reddit)

To me it looks big, with extremely low durability, which is not a great combo, but it has a shield perk that sounds excellent, the tonnage is Hermitesque and with that kind of tonnage you can probably armor them up pretty good. As a rolling based movement part, it will probably work with the Golden Eagle for speeds of up to 90KPH.

I imagine that these will be the new Omni wheels for the 80KPH crowd. Only 6 of them fused for power will work extremely well but 6 will have the tonnage to support some big rigs like Nova and Echo builds. These cabins never quite worked with Omni wheels because they required 8 Omnis which is too much of a power drain.

I would like to see how a set of 6 of these rolls on some common builds before I pass too much judgment.


They look a lot cooler than I thought they would. Definitely want to try them, but wish they weren’t a pack item.
Hopefully people don’t like them and they turn up cheap on the market.


I know these builds used to be popular and people try to play them sometimes.

But do you remember those old giant 4 or 6 Meatgrinder porc builds? With under mounts porcs?

Maybe 6 of these on echo would be an upgrade of that build.

I’m not that guy to play a build like that :slight_smile:

But maybe this is a positive spin on it.

Golf balls, eh? More better omnidirectional movement parts, eh? I like’m. I like their perk, and I like their purple power-score.

All of these omnidirectional movement parts are moving this game in a very different place than from where it all started. Will they ever buff wheels again? Will wheels still have a place in this game by the end of this year?

I do like these golf-ball wheels better than Hovers. Hovers remove all the tactile illusion from the game and nerf most of the immersion, IMO. I don’t like them for that reason alone. These “Atoms” should at least offer some rider feed-back from terrain, and IMO, a better and more immersive game experience than what Hovers have to offer. I hope they do not have soft suspension, and crash about in a good, rough, kinetic way.


I would think 6 of these things would be great on a power fused Echo Porc brawler but I’m not sure that 400 durability could be playable for a Porc build. Meat grinders have 820 durability.

I suppose its possible. There are a lot of people who play Porcs on Omni wheels. These should appeal to that crowd. Not everything has to be an indestructible Sleipnir track.

They’re 4 pins wide and look to be about sabbath size, minus the space needed for wheel turning as I believe they do not turn into any direction

Looks like they might be more useful on heavy builds where the max speed is not that fast, so you can reach it faster and build up the charge

It all comes down to how well they handle, if we got to try them out already

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These with Omnis or the new Spider legs for tilt builds…
Gonna be fun with art builds…

I wish they did melee. In the teaser images, they had spikes.

Drop the pack already :slight_smile:

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