What does an End Game look like in your Eyes...?

for me it’s content you can get that nobody else can get…
unless you have end game gear to get it…
crossout stops at CW for what?..
so many things you can do for end game content besides ore.
i have a few ideas but i want to see what you gamers come up with to make End Games betr :crazy_face:
no you didn’t see that Jake Paul plug :rofl:

For me it’s fusing legendaries and epics. I see CW and relics as more of a tryhard wallet warrior zone for the most part and generally consider CW and clans a separate, competitive play mode for people who enjoy something like that, detached from the “main game” rather than being a part of it as the intended endgame for everyone

end game for me is Reapers in a big badass Heavy build.
If i go nuts into relics territory, SGs
Breakers on a big badass Heavy build.
The game lacks a legendary and relic limited angle SG and a legendary and relic fixed angle SG like Goblins and Gremlins.
The game lacks SGs, more SGs please , so i can build the biggest, badassest Heavy build i ever made.
…I almost forget it…

And more plows

I don’t really understand the concept of end game in Crossout.
Maybe if I cared about clan wars I would feel differently.
There’s always new stuff to play with and learn how to use. I see Crossout as a never ending journey.

Creating fan-fiction is usually what I do when I reach end game.