What does having a veteran rank in a clan do?

I dunno I just noticed a correlation between activity and how much players are contributing towards challenge progress. The higher the activity the more people are playing the game but the same can’t be said for confrontation.

thats only because they play levi and raids,activity has nothing to do progress in cc…its only for for collecting your badges…thats all… :saluting_face:

Even if true there is just not many ways of gauging how other players are contributing towards challenge progress with no way to enforce it. This is our most senior member and he contributes most to challenge progress that is not confrontation and tends to have a very high activity score(1387 last week) but hardly any confrontation. I don’t want to make clan confrontation a requirement but still like to be able to get those challenges as well.

yes activity points can be higher,but thats for them to get badges…
the only thing you need to worry about is CC points for the Whole Clan to get those badges.

Obviously CC points are important to level up the clan to unlock more challenges, but the challenges themselves need to be completed to get those badges.
Players who have lots of activity are contributing to completing those challenges, even if they don’t actually get many CC points.
Both are important if you want your clan to get lots of badges.
You could have a clan of players who only play confrontation mode, and help your clan rank up higher, but if no one is playing raids the clan won’t get the badges for those challenges.

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you all need to play the clan challenges so when you unlock them you get them with your activity points…
‘but’ u need your cc points to get there.

I think you hit the nail on the head, you need a balance between the two. Some players like cc some don’t but just because they don’t like clan con don’t mean they ain’t contributing. I hate clan con myself personally i find it a huge chore but if i see others in the clan getting enough battles and the clan con challenges are with in reach then ill contribute too even tho i hate clan con.

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I think that’s the better metric to go off, activity can keep going up too i believe while confrontation got a cap.

I’m trying to keep my clan pretty casual and not make demands of people. But I do kick out people who haven’t opened the game for more than a couple weeks. Their slots immediately get filled now, so hopefully eventually it will just be people who play at least a few times a week.
I was very surprised to learn how many people just play the game occasionally. I guess it’s good that there are still casual and new players in the game? But the game must feel really grindy if you’re just logging in once a month.

That is probably the majority of the player base truth be told, you can ask hamster to vouch for that. I say at least 90% of the players going thru the clan got no more than 1000 kills tops and it don’t take long to fill up. I kicked 3 players today and within an hour those spots were filled with those casual player types we were talking about.

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That’s what I meant by player retention a number of posts up.

Nobler has for the most part going with that logic too, which I don’t really mind as a whole. Though when I’ve asked other Clan’s about it they keep telling me that unless you make the standards a little higher it’s kind of settling on you get what you get. I often just see a lot of players kicked each week so I do wonder if there is something that works a bit more reliably.

Despite having our main mvp(mad maxx) go awol thus leaving me no other choice to kick and at least 12 other players being kicked that week we still somehow managed to get got all the famous challenges that week. This is our clan in in a nutshell. It can work but we just got unlucky this week.

This whole discussion reminds me why I play that game less and less.

If I want to be bored out of my mind planning shit over the next 6 months, cycling through persons like they’re raw materials, and not having fun, I’m more likely to open my own IRL business than deal with XO’s shit.

Good thing we still do the 40k points without caring, without imposing anything, and while having fun. But I don’t even score the activity points to get the badges lmao.

I’m a pretty lazy person, and I refuse to do anything that makes Crossout feel like a job.
It takes me less than 2 minutes a week to kick out a couple inactive clan members.
If that is a lot of work for you, you must have a pretty easy life!
But then again, if you aren’t even playing enough to reach your activity threshold, why are you posting on the forum so much? That would mean you post more than you play. That is a super weird way to spend your time.

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It is what it is with crossout. If i had it my way id bring back the old badge system but that’s it the devs does what they want and i got tired about complaining about the injustices in this game long ago because it is literally the most fruitless thing ever hence part the reason you don’t see me around here much anymore.

No it is not fun having to boot endless amounts of players each week but you can’t run a clan with players having 20 activity and 200 confrontation. I don’t expect them to pull nearly as much weight as what I and a couple others in the clan are doing but i kept it well with in reason so that any new player joining can achieve in a short time span and still earn badges.