What does having a veteran rank in a clan do?

Can’t find much about it besides it only allows players to play clan wars. Is there any other benefits to being veteran rank in a clan?
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officers lets you recruit players and make other players veterans or demote them to fighters,.and mess up your clan news lol. :crazy_face:

‘rule of thumb’ i always make players vet if they play within a week…if not i make them fighters…just easier to see in the clan list…so im lazy and don’t like to scroll down :kissing_heart: :rofl:

So veterans can make other players veterans?

See I like to use the tag veteran just for the regulars in the clan, people who have been around 2 to 3 weeks but if players who i made veteran can make others veterans than that kinda defeats the purpose. We don’t play clan wars i just wanna use it as a tag to make it easier of recognizing whos who.

ya same here,just keep fighters new,and make them vets when they play…
you can always make them fighters again when they dont play…
( ie–when they don’t contribute to cc points)

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Yea that’s similar to what i got planned, if they been around for a while and meeting clan requirements than ill make them veteran. It is basically just for organization purposes, thank you for the info!!

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I use veteran for any members that play some confrontation mode. Eventually I’ll bump some of the more active players up to officers, and let them take control a bit more.

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They ain’t getting officer status, second in command is Dirty Hamster and that’s it with maybe 2 to 3 other candidates. It is just the way the clan is set up, it is a very specific rule set that relies on players coming and going on a regular basis. If i had a coin for every player that’s been thru the clan id have enough for a relic lol.

there’s your problem right there! :crazy_face: :rofl:

i’m just kiddin…or am i?

'there is no command…only the leader…
'if you want ur clan mates to recruit players they need to be officers…
vet and fighter is nothing.

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Problem is me, requirements for the clan is 500 confrontation and 150 activity and it use to be much lower than that. If it was up to hamster it be much higher but I don’t need the badges so i wanted a clan that was as noob friendly as possible. If the dev’s lower the standards for legendary status than i think i will probably strive for higher but I’m satisfied with the famous clan I’m in.

well i tell my clan to get 4500 points each to get to 90k legendary.
but we get 71k for ‘famous’ thats good enough for me…
and as 'activity is concerned…thats up to the player…
get your cc points for the clan and unlock ur own stuff after that…
but never just get activity points and piggy back on the clans progression…tsk tsk… :crazy_face:

Right now I’m more leaning on increasing the activity requirements. It is easy to get a decent confrontation score but getting activity is more harder and time consuming and probably is a better indicator of how much players are contributing towards challenges than what confrontation is. This week we had loads of confrontation, like 50 to 60k but didn’t even get the invasion challenge so bit by bit I’m gonna increase the activity requirement and hopefully that decreases the odds of missing challenges.

But overall the clan is doing good for a famous clan that recruits mainly players with sub 500 kills. This is the first week we missed the boat in a few weeks

Oh I do make my fair share of mistakes lol…

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im just playin with you :kissing_heart:

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I had suggested 225 for action points as it was half the amount needed to unlock everything up to famous. The Next jump up in activity points is 800 and I thought going for half of that based on who we often recruit might be too high.

activity has nothing to do with ur clan…it;s only the players achievements…
clan challenges as a clan they need to do and just cc,thats all…
activity is just to ‘collect the badges’ for yourself

We were talking about it last night wondering if the badge collection was effecting player retention. That’s mostly where the idea of asking for more would net them a better return on their effort. Which might encourage them to repeat the activity the next week.

I don’t know how activity is really calculated. I know raids nets a decent amount of activity, i tested that today and it seems that the more activity players got the more they are contributing to challenges whither it is cc, reg pvp, patrol or raids. I can play a handful of confrontation battles get 9000 confrontation but hardly any activity that contributes next to nothing towards challenge progress

I know that’s what I was referring to but the higher drop out rates often seem to be on the players with the lower activity rates.

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