What does Kami’s perk work on?

So many things that fit the description of Kami’s perk don’t seem to actually be affected by it.
Like shouldn’t cryo damage count as thermal?
Isn’t a skinner an enemy projectile attached to the vehicle?

Can we put together a list of what it actually works on?

Athena (heat up)
Gravastar (heat up)
Porc (heat up)

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I was sure it doesn’t work on kapkan but I may be wrong.
On the other hand I am 100% sure it also works against Daze.

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You may be right, oops… blending Kami and Interceptor a bit there

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Anyway, I agree that the perk is a bit of a mess. There are a lot of things you would expect it to work on like for instance skinner (it’s something attached to your build) and doesn’t.

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I was so disappointed when I found out it doesn’t work on kapkans.
And I’m wondering if it’s a bug that it doesn’t work against cryo damage. Seems like it should.

Am I right in assuming that it doesn’t work against spark/flash? Or annihilators? Jubokko?

If I remember right it works on the acid lake water.

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Yes it does work on environmental fire, I can confirm. I used it a lot for that purpose. Particularly now that even hovers suffer from it.

Anyone know if it works against Vultures?

Kami perk works against Jubokko, Spark and Flash. For this reason, Kami hovers were extreemly popular in the time period before Flash slowdown was nerfed.

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I mean you still take fire damage, so you’d still take some cryo damage but the negative affects get cancelled… so do you still go slow or reload slow in in the cryo? If not then it does work against it.

It works against spark/flash and jobukko but not annihilators

Works against vultures

Still slows down in a Jotun puddle.

seems like a oversight bug then

One thing it does do that surprised me was cool down your own gravastars, without stopping their overheat function,
This can allow you to run them more exposed than the sandwich/dog style.

Does it not stop their damage boost thing? I thought it stopped it and that’s why people don’t pair it… because I always thought it would be an OP combo

I will double check tomorrow, but I am 98% sure it still turned the victims red, so it should still have the heat bonus.