What exactly is the last purchase price in the trading menu?

Hi i was looking for some Summators for crafting and saw that really low “Last purchase price” . How does this come i the 2 weeks overview it never had been that low.

even CrossoutDB’s history doesn’t show that low price ever.

So what price is shown there?

I never understood the purpose of the trading market in this game, or any weapon costing in the 5 digits (for instance today, Mastodon was over $28,000. Come on already, get real.) Or paying “taxes” for that matter. I remember reading in the earlier forum where people artificially jacked up the prices on some weapons beyond the reach of most people. Those clowns are probably no longer here anymore, but the rest of us have to live with it. It’s B.S.

what you circled with red is how much you plaid for it last time you bought it. that means in your whole crossout career and it’s the last purchase only


Don’t worry brother, that is now a price dictated by the price of all the resources needed to build it, that’s why building stuff is less efficient than buying it directly. on the other hand it’s all the money that joins that game but never leaves so things will be 30K coins, nothing to be done there except remove the corridors inside the market, or just get a tone of new players to over saturate the market.