What guns do you see mostly in game?

Does anyone else feel like the the guns you see people using is rather small stale of a selection?

It feels like 90% of the players I see in the game are using Fortunes, Cyclones, Starfalls, Nothungs, Hammerfalls, Nidghogs, Imps, Gravastar, Stillwind, Whirlwind, Reaper, Miller, Tsunami, Executioner, Porcs, Scorps, Yaoguai, Incinerator, Retcher, Fuze and Arbiter, no matter if I’m in 9k or 13k PS

Sure you maybe see 1 or two players using something else very rarely, like homing missiles, artillery but the spam of OP guns and metabuilds is getting very stale, like at least 2-3 Cyclone or Starfall builds per team every match, It would really be fun to see some other weapons from time to time

Like after they removed the buff to Impulse they’re completely gone, I haven’t seen anyone running goblin/gremlins, or annihilators, yongwangs have disappeared all together, even the ram booster builds and minelayers seem all but gone. Astraeus got killed right off the bat because apparently the 3 people running them were so good that it deserved a nerf? Even before the nerf I don’t really recall there being many Astraeus players. Can’t even recall the last time I saw someone using jubokkos or a firedog even, meelee has become super rare as well. It’s just been rapid fire bullet spam ever since the armor changes, and to some extent even before that, and it’s getting really old

Shotguns, machineguns and melee weapons, thats all i see.
Everybody uses them because they do the most damage, it is becoming ridiculous that the devs have allowed these weapons to dominate for so long, it really shows their incompetence in balancing the game.

Depends on what I play. If I play melee, all I see are Cannons. If I play shotguns, all I see is melee. If I play cannons, all I see are machine-guns. That’s somewhat of an exaggeration, and there are booster pigs and melee pretty much everywhere, but that’s the general scheme. I don’t play cannons very often, so I could be off about the trends there, but there certainly are trends related to whatever I’m running.

in pve i see retchers, cyclones and arbiters… and porcs… lots of porcs.
i dont do pvp so idk what id see there but last time i did it it was machineguns mostly.

I find it depends a lot on my PS and on the time of day/week.

Weekends and evenings are when I start seeing more scorpions and other snipers, as well as more relics in general.
All DPS weapons have been very popular for a while, even before 2.0. But also seeing a decent amount of flamethrower builds still.
Seeing more crickets lately, but not sure why.

In CC its nothing but dogs, cyclones, fortunes, shotguns, and hitscan hovs.

I see a good mix of everything but lances. though that is do to playing between 9k and 12k.

When I Was playing at 8.5k I Saw nothing but the listed above by a fluffy badger as CC a-holes stick around there.

The reason you don’t see Quasars is because i haven’t been playing for about 2-3 months now. :slightly_smiling_face:

And then whenever i play them for a bit again, they nerf them again… :sweat_smile:

What are the most rare weapons?

Like weapons which is nobody using, ever…


What I see most of isn’t guns. It’s melee and booster-pigs. I probably just ignore everything else though.

Off of the top of my head, quasar, owl, anaconda, ruptures, trigger, flute, fafnir, blockchain, protector, gungnir, nest, arothron, vulture, vindicator, assembler, pulsar, charybdis

Some of these can be seen on bots but on human players can’t seem to see the at all, and not sure if Trigger can be counted as never seen when the bigger brother (destructor) is everywhere. TOW would make the list but there’s 1 guy who plays it I keep running into almost weekly, but still it’s just 1 guy. Phoenixes are very rare but I feel like I see one build using them at least weekly