What happen to the scoring system devs ? 🤔

i been seeing this alot lately on PC.
why they keeping the Numbers so low now?
we all use to score over 2k,now your lucky you get 1k .

‘to me,it feels kinda cheap, like im’doing nothing’ :crazy_face:

i feel i would play more when the scores are higher,just for fun,you do remember what ‘Fun is’ ? :kissing_heart:

'all my other scores are 600 or less…im showing the enemy scores,they go through the same thing too… :face_with_peeking_eye:

'i can go on and on and on… but i’m bored now. :shushing_face:

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I’m still dropping a lot of 2ks and some 3ks and I’ve only just come back after a month break… Perhaps people are just using less explosive builds in your lobbies

I agree, 2-3k scores are common if you’re doing it right.

If you’re still using “Maces” in confrontation mode then this would also be part of the issue. The other part of the issue seems to revolve around you and your account. It must be a bug :wink:

Yeah, scoring seems normal to me.

so your saying if i use the same vehicle in confron the game thinks ‘missions’ is confron as well?
i’ll delete the confrom build and see if it changes,i didn’t think of that .

but what about all the other players with low scores?

it’s really weird that all those other players are effected also
oh well,thanks for the info,it’s odd that playing the same way seeing higher scores for years,and now all i see is very low scores.
this is just pvp/missions i’m seeing this.

I did have a low looking score last night at 12k, MVP scored a bit over 600 points.

Usually MVP gets 1400 or more.

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It does seem like I get more low score MVPs than in the past, but it might be my imagination, or just me remembering the days of 8v8 PVP on console.
It might be the latter, as my patrol scores generally seem to be as high as they used to be.

Remember that they reduced general explosion radius and damage not long ago. Explosion damage accounts for a lot of score due to parts hit, this could easily have a knock on effect to score achieved as well.

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They got some underhanded system here that they won’t readily admit to, they’ve already admitted they reduce confrontation scores if the game carries on longer than a minute. Assume the worst with these developers and game and you’ll be right most of the time.

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I’m yet to grab a 3k since coming back to the game, a few 2900’s but it does seem odd that even getting 6 kills practically on my own that I don’t get 3k score or more here

This was with Helicons so there was explosive damage, at least 5 players were near full HP when I killed them, too bad we don’t have 8v8 on console

Then I can get 5 kills and nearly get a 4k… I know some things that influence score but sometimes it does feel a bit off

If a developer where subtly tinkering with their recently updated scoring methodology, it makes sense that they wouldn’t announce minor adjustments to their public, considering how opinionated their public is.

I think they make minor adjustments to some of the features in this game often and don’t bother mentioning it. Nobody notices, or we blame it on something convenient, then move on. They rearrange the furniture so often, it’s hard to tell.

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So time being a factor in scoring = anti camping.

tbh making how fast you win part of the equation makes sense to me.

This one nerf hit a ton of my fused weapons :frowning:

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Yeah that’s pretty dumb… being left with a 1v4-5 takes a longer time to get things done. You’ll never brute force your way through 4-5 enemies, it’s a slower process of picking people off and it’s in no way less comendable, pretty dumb idea from them.

Yeah pretty annoying, like hitscan stuff wasn’t meta enough already


yeah I don’t have patience for that most of the time. 99% of my games are under 1m 45s from start to finish. (sometimes I do though, if the show Im watching sucks). I can see where that is unfair in those situations.

'i just came out of a match where this guy rushes in and dies instantly and now its up to us 3 to kill 4 players.

well we all died thanks to him’his pm response is ‘the faster the match the more points you get’

‘um,we didn’t get any points’ you can’t rush when you don’t have rush weps…

'take the misleading timer out of the equation so we can take our time of 5 minutes to win a battle.
this is not raids, it’s confron… :kissing_heart:

'side thought----'why all of a sudden this game turns into ‘rush rush rush’ when it’s a marathon grind?
money hungry? :thinking: :shushing_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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meh @ zombie games

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

I admit I take great joy in baiting and killing loads of people solo, but doing it a lot sometimes feels tedious… like I don’t even have teams sometimes

well i will try to reign in my yolo streak when Im on your team. Can’t promise it won’t come out though.