What happened to Rush?

On XBox, Draco, Harvester and Spark are the cheapest legendary weapons. Flash and Firebug are the
cheapest relic weapons. I used to play Flash Dracos, on a Blight and had good success against hovers. Several things have happened:

  1. Wheels are less forgiving. Wheels are harder to control at high speed and they lose some acceleration when you make a sharp turn. Chasing an Icarus VII is extremely difficult because the hovers are wobbly and unpredictable and have high acceleration. With all of the sharp turns you make trying to push a hover, you have high chances of running into a wall and losing.

  2. Flash isn’t what it used to be. Flash used to freeze hovers in place, and drain hover power to an extent that the hover once tethered to Flash couldn’t get away or move. Now, Flash has been slightly nerfed, but hovers have also been buffed to the point that an Icarus VII hover can pull away from a Flash if it reacts quickly. This is bad news for a Flash, as it is left without a niche, except for beating Porcupines, which already have no play against hovers.

  3. Icarus VII hovers sit higher in the air. This means that they are very hard to catch and push across the map. This means that Draco builds don’t work at all, as the hover is too hard to hold in place for Dracos to burn, and Firebugs also don’t have a great match up.

The only traditional rush build that is still kind of good is Flash Harvester with Harvesters mounted on gun mounts high vertically. At speed, 115 KPH, these can KO a hover instantly just by crashing into it. This isn’t very easy to do, as hovers are usually parked on bridges or areas that it is difficult to get a running ram on them. Harvester is also very fragile. It falls off on its own if you grind through Apollos or Ammo packs. There should be a high explosion resistance for Harvesters, as you should not lose weapons when you are playing them well.

As Icarus VII now has extremely low durability, and low tonnage, it is much easier to cripple hovers from range than it is to run into them. This leaves Rush builds without a target.

My suggestions:

Buff traction on Hermits by 15 percent.
Buff power drain on Bigfoot wheels by 10 percent.
Buff Flash range by 15 percent.
Buff Spark range by 15 percent.
Buff Firebug Range by 15 percent.
Add inclined gun mounts, that allow you to shoot up at 30 degrees, for Draco and Porcupine.
Add 90 percent resistance to explosion damage for Harvester

These changes should dramatically improve rush and its place in the game.


The wreckage also affects Rush builds the most.


thats the point… they arent meant to be indestructible. you ram someone it takes damage, you blow up an apollo you take damage. you blow up ammo packs you take damage. thats the risk of running melee.

LOL no. it doesnt matter how well you play a weapon itll take damage over time. melee is hit hardest by this cause you need to get in close and there are things you dont want to hit like generators or ammo packs. if you “play them well” you wont be hitting explosives now will you?

i have this issue with my bigfoots. if i dont have my 2 front plows then going at 90 is barely controlable. even with 6 bigfoots and heavy things on my build it over corrects itself all the time and i go out of control so easily at high speeds. yeah im using a howl with 2 porcs, apollo, ammo packs and 2 train plows, but once i lose the plows its uncontrolable at high speeds and i crash ALOT into walls.

excuse me?? flash has to many defenses on itself. it can protect from porcs, landmines, rockets, turrets, drones, and can slow enemies down while dealing damage. dont tell me its left without a niche.

GOOD. stop whining about this. fire has been broken in crossout for a long time, its damage is absurd and very high. its one of the most damaging things in the game. im tired of the stupid fire dogs always coming out on top, they need a weakness for god sake. back then they could destroy any build, especially legs because of how ridiculous those physics were. im glad hovers can be able to counter them. im tired of hearing people whining about a build countering theirs. ITS CROSSOUT! DEAL WITH IT!

your basically wanting fire dogs to have no weakness or counters to them,
legs are obliterated by porcs and fire dogs and shotguns.
wheels are countered by fire dogs, shotguns and hovers.
hovers are countered by almost everything.
tracks are very slow and are countered by everything especially fire related.

legs are slow, heavy, can strafe and are durable.
wheels are fast, durable and maneuverable.
hovers can go over all terrains, can move in any direction and can strafe.
tracks can go over many types of terrain, have very low speed, are very durable but are cumbersome and are not used competitively.

hovers have suffered way to much and im tired of seeing people constantly whine about them. knock it off and learn to deal with them. if you cant catch them on a fire dog then STOP USING IT!

im not meaning to sound like a jerk here but im just so tired of seeing these threads of “nerf hovers” “waaaah hovers are to strong now! nerf them!” “waaah my build cant catch the hovers! waaaah we need to nerf them!”

seriously. STOP!

Zarrurer, I was going to reply to your post.

But I had to keep deleting what I was writing so I don’t get a ban.

You obviously have it all figured out, lol, so I will not bother explaining why your wrong.

What happened to rush?
I don’t know.
But care if i ask you, just for old sake curiosity
What about good old SGs?

I don’t know. I bought a set of 3 Nidhoggs a few weeks ago and couldn’t do anything with them. My best build was 3 with an Aegis on a Beholder cabin. They get degunned too easily, and the Hadron and Echo cabs you want to use are too slow to make a push on hovers.

Breakers seem to be pretty good these days but I don’t have any.

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well they are not great to pursuing or to be under fire for a given time.
they are great if you get close and blast them at close range/ point blank.
I think they are more an ambush kind of weapon .

Personally, i don’t like much thunderbolts their perk doesn’t synergize with my playstyle.
but their perk reloads each 400 m.
You have also hammer Falls they eat 5 energy each but you can add an energy shield ( i don’t have those yet).
Ruptures, i’m confused by them, they had the perfect perk, but devs changed it but the perk animation remains the same as before, they are a bit heavy on the modules, fused modules, i destroyed a few dogs with them. Ripping their face off.
Gremlins are great… or gobblins if you are worried about PS (now that’s my style) push/rush it’s their middle name but at the moment they are glitchy (new update)
I’m on my way to gravastars i can tell you about those ones when i get them .

But every single SG does well, they are capable of demolishing an hover if given the chance.
or you can go minigun or cannon Whirl or Cyclone.

You may want to revise your build as well, everyone is going for speed nowadays, nobody has a clear advantage and hovers seems to be the fastest and the most manoeuvrable of them all (so i heard, after the update).
A though thing to push/rush against, especially if you start in an disadvantage.
You might want to add something to your speed .
something to close the distance, once there either with SGs or with your selection of weapons it’s goodbye little birdy

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I have builds that can beat hovers. They just aren’t my favorite to play. I miss my Blight dog.

Build 1: Triple Cyclone hover on Nova Cab. I play this with fused Icarus IV and it works fantastic. Cyclones and all auto cannons are fantastic at crippling Icarus VII because the blast radius can punch through multiple hovers at once, and Icarus VII builds easily go over tonnage. This is my best anti hover build, and it should be substantially better in the near future as I plan to fuse my cyclones tomorrow with the event fusion.

Build 2: Flash, 2 Harvester on Griffon Cab with Cheetah and Hermits. This works pretty well, but is easy to screw up on approach, as Hermits are somewhat unstable at high speeds. I plan to try 4 steering 4 non steering Hermits to get some more stability for this build. It needs some work but has also had some great moments in PVP so far.

Build 3: Reaper Humpback spider. This build is hard to degun. Has an Averter/Onamori and a turn speed fused Trombone rocket. It works against Punisher hovers by pushing them around and matching their range but it does not do much against Scorpions at range.

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Build 2 - why don’t you slap a couple of buggy wheels with your hermits?
you will have the hermits at full perk at slower speeds

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Flash was for sure the easiest, meanest relic, but your point regarding its utility is moot now. It slows people, ok, but the only ones you want to slow now float away. It counters porcs, but since everybody’s floating porcs are useless anyway. Drones, missiles? I’m sure all the Flash users are glad to know they’ll be able to counter epic drones in PvP.
The problem with Flash wasn’t that it hard countered hovers, it was that it hardcountered a solid 50% CW builds besides hovers.

You’ll have to keep in mind CW and PvP work differently, because PS is irrelevant in CW. There’s a clear pattern on this forum, people who play CW will tell you hovers are OP, or that they play hovers, or both. People who don’t play CW (especially the less competitive ones) tell you hovers are fine.

Besides… Why do you even get so upset over hover balance? Don’t you say yourself you only play PvE content? What difference does it make for PvE anyway? I don’t get it >_>

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I agree with this 100%


yeah i play pve but i like to run other things then just wheels. tracks have become unbearable for me to run. triangle tracks flip me half the time on my own build and the small tracks do the same thing. i seen how others build them and its not my style to build large box style cars.

i have an incinerator build on hovers that i love to run cause its fun. i use it mostly in pve cause well… its a nice change of pace. im just tired of the constant nerfing to hovers, it seems every single update someone has something to whine about with them. “their to strong!” “nerf nerf nerf!” “i cant catch them with this build” “their to mobile” “their to op” etc, etc.

i just want to run my hovers and have fun. but it seems that every single update they have to be nerfed in some way, even if they get a buff people STILL complain. it never fricken ends. look at the “balance changes” note they added. AGAIN more hover nerfs! its a tonnage nerf but still this needs to stop.

every single update they have to be nerfed in some way, even if they get a buff people STILL complain.

This part rings true, considering it’s the second time now hovers get massive buffs, and people cry all over the forums about how hovers have been “destroyed” and “overnerfed”.

Hovers are miles better now than they were a month ago. Either rebuild, or switch to Icarus IV. Clearly, if devs only listened to “whining”, they’d be buffing hovers right now, because besides a couple hover mains, nobody’s whining here. But they mostly use their internal data to make tweaks, and it must show that hovers are overperforming rn. Something everybody here who isn’t angry for some unknown reason can see.

I’ll add that none of this is even relevant for PvE because… it’s PvE… and you don’t have to compete with other players on a variety of movement parts… So I really still don’t get why you’re so mad at random hypothetical internet whiners. All it changes for you is that you can go 20 kmh faster and bury your hovers better… Just rebuild your incin hover until it’s stable, seriously >.>