What happened to the stillwind?

People seriously would rather remove stillwind upgrade and sell it rather than sell the stabilizers? for shame.

People with no long term planning there, looking for a quick buck.


Well, it was one of the most expensive legendary weapons after it got buffed (at least it was on PS4). Makes sense that people want to profit from their BP one if they aren’t using it.

Selling stabs = 1125 on PC right now (15x75c)
Stillwind price before event: around 6000c on PC
So yeah, make sense, specially since most of us have only the BP one

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All I know is I have 2 now, I unfused my main one just in case and got a second one plan to sell once they go back up in value.

Also bought some Yoko cabs because those are dirt cheep now, seriously.

yea if you gonna sell them better off waiting a nice while until prices stabilize a bit. Hundreds of the ex bp items has flooded the market, you be fool to sell now if that’s what you gonna do. Id rather keep my items, I mean it cost like 1200 worth of stabilizers alone just to remove the upgrade on legendaries. I never use the heather, assembler etc but don’t mean I won’t give it a try one of these day’s and just as well to have the upgraded version around.

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I agree with that, but a lot of people aren’t very patient.

The Stillwind made a still wind at the edge of the map and nobody was around to smell it.

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You can say what you want.
But right now i’m rocking with Guiding star stuff.
My main build it has a fused Machinist and among others, a fused Gremlin. + THE major plow (no complains, it does what it says in the “tin”)
My other build has a fused Aggressor cab.
I’m planning a 5 vindicator / protector build. ( i have 2 )
Still wind is there and will not go anywhere.
Triple Avengers are a great junkbow like SG with Echo + Flywheel.
My 10 k build has the fuselage part.

independent of being from Guiding Star or not, i’m amazed how useful the parts has been to me, it doubled the number of builds i have.
I’m waiting for another BP with as many useful parts/ parts that i like as Guiding star had.
I would be crazy if i would sell any of them.
And i’m always at 0 coins or close to it.

What if you only have the Season gift and can’t afford a second one?

I unfused my bp stillwind, never use it ,ezzz 6k coins :slight_smile:

Exactly… I made the mistake early on of selling things I didn’t really enjoy playing so I could get other things with the coins. Later, they buffed the heck out of things I’d sold, and I regretted selling them. Now, I hold everything and grind n’ sell resources to get parts.

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I still regret scrapping BP items from the original Founders season.

Thankfully I’ve been able to reacquire most of those items cheaply from workpieces.

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Wish I had the battle pass one. Still winds are cheaper now but still over 3000 coin so pretty pricey but I got cyclones to fill my autocannon itch anyways. I bought 2 vultures on the cheap instead for around 1300 each or about 2600 total and I was having good fun with it.

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