What happens if you can buy a fused relic for $1

This is a hypothesis and this relic is a new balance of weapons,Share your thoughts

The value of resources like Uranium and Electronics would plummet.
Some would be furious, others would be happy.

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Edit - I misunderstood the original post :slight_smile: but I’ll keep up the below for comedic effect. Your welcome.

This would have catastrophic consequences to the market. And most likely lead to the games collapse in the near future.

But hey man, if you can get them to sell relics for $1 then that might be a crazy few months before the game closes :slight_smile: lol.

I don’t see it happening, ever, but that just might be a :poop: show I would pay a $1 to watch.

This won’t happen. Even hypothetically.

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$1 Relic…what…you mean like a single item like a mini Scorpion? Or, like, we can buy a Relic piece by piece, $1 at a time: bolt, screw, flashing, etc. etc…

I mean, the prices of crotchcoins are much higher than $1 and you have to whale up a ton of dough to get even a regular relic, with their prices and all.

So if it can’t be salvage in to materials and it’s not one of the existing relics, will the result be the same?
By the way, the relic cannot be salvage into uranium,and fused relics cannot be traded

I know it can’t happen.It’s like the hypothesis of what happens when the sun explodes on a certain day,But this is a more extreme example than the season

Anyhow most people will not buy crotchcoins and regular coins and most players will leave cuckwars. Ore becomes redundant.

You’d just get a tonne of relics and a high % of super not-optimized relic builds .

The game would not collapse lmao, not sure what crack these people smoke but all that will happen is that people will realise relics aren’t some mega-OP win weapon and are simply like all other weapons and just get bored of them… They’d just become another weapon in your garage like they are for everyone who currently has relics

Porcs might actually get a nerf though, that would be cool… you’d see so many dual porcs at lower PS that the issue would be so widespread it would need addressing

What if the only thing that can be purchased in this way is a new relic, not an existing one?

Paywalled items? Or just another way to get new relics? Bunch of cheap new relics usefulness of which will depens on whether they’re good and/or unique enough.

the properties of this relic are balanced,If all could, no one would be making it

What happens if you can buy a fused relic for $1

what’s funnier than this topic?

‘everyones response to it’ ! :rofl:

Come on M420, If all relics where a $1 it would.

Admittedly I misunderstood his broken English.

It’s better then the other posts in the last few days.

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Yes :rofl:, but what I meant to say was:

It seems that the translation is not so reliable, in fact, even if I really know English, there will be some misunderstandings

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Yeah, we get you now man.

We have a language barrier, but we will figure it out. Lol.

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Dunno, I still predict cuckwars decline and purchasing crotchcoins for regular coins decline. And ore decline as well. Because if you could just buy a set of fused relics only for $2/3/4/5, you would do that. I would do that. To skip finding a clan, fighting in cuckwars, making 100-150 ore per week maximum, getting another resources such as electronics and two legendaries for each relic, waiting for all of it to craft (all the timegates, mind you)… nah. Better use a new thing, especially if it’s gonna be balanced with old ones. Which means viable and competitive relics.

Now you know.

Me in other hand think …

you would see the craziest Meta of all times, every one would bring that relic and do battle with it, those who have other relics would be crushed by the cheer numbers.
It would be terrifying and awesome at the same time.
How the saying goes?
God made the Men and Colt made them all equal.

Other saying is.

When there’s blood on the streets, it’s time to buy.

The smart players would take advantage, then with time , things would wind down, people would slowly return to their favourite weapons, others would go for new toys, the game would return to it’s normal .

Such event would be remembered many years from now