What if: FMV's in battlegrounds?

What if, like, at the volcano, it was triggered to erupt if/when x-amount of rigs fall into it. Or maybe, it starts erupting when one rigs falls in, and the eruption gets bigger with each rig that falls in. Furthermore, what if there was a FMV that is triggered to play when all players on each side dive into the volcano…maybe the whole island erupts and explodes.

Another FMV could be added to the Ravagers Foothold, like huge robotic tentacles rising out of the pits.

I dunno, was just day dreaming and thought I’d get y’alls feedback before submitting it.


I like all of em… Maybe not the robot one, but the others for sure. The more of this the better in my book. :grin:

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would definitely add something this game is missing , even if it was just like a fly over of the map before battle while waiting for others to connect


I’m picturing the aliens that flew over you in Space Invaders… Then the the helicopters that flew over the test drive area during the helicopter event.

Imagine those helicopters launching some rockets as they fly over!


maybe we get carried to spawn and the copter drops us , they already gave us the dropping animation at spawn lol