What in the world is wrong in this game?

playing from the blue team, I’ve noticed the Red team or enemy
have premium vehicles top tiers, me and my team aka blue team have first level weak vehicles but the enemy has lazer, saws and not even one of my team has any of those installed on theirs vehicle,
my question is why does gaigin or the developers, don’t fix the match making? because it’s unfair and it feels suck! u can’t destroy no enemy vehicles because their at level 10 and me at level 1 also where is the rewards ? there is none me and my dude going to unistall this game because there is no fun fighting top tiers and you at level 1, match making suck .

the matchmaking hasnt been good in crossout. i remember back then i was fighting at 10k powerscore and id come across people who ran at 2000 powerscore or lower. i felt bad for them because they wouldnt stand a chance. but you also have seal clubbers who run broken builds whom beginners or lower level players cant compete against. its the reason i dont do pvp anymore because its so boring and broken. all i usually come across is people running meta builds and if your not running those then your not getting anywhere. its why the game is dying, because the devs just dont seem to care. ive been wanting for YEARS for new modes to come into the game, but the toxic reddit community ALWAYS shoot down any kind of new ideas for reasons like “it doesnt make them money” and “pvp is the main focus of the game” and “but itll split the playerbase even more” and even more nonsense. i doubt theyll do anything to improve the game, add new modes or make the game more enjoyable. it seems they just gave up on crossout and only care about season passes, mini battlepasses and packs. nothing exciting has happened in the game for years. no new modes have been added in at all and when they are they are all timed and go away for a while after that. so all we have is either boring repetitive pvp, raids which have been changed from before so good luck waiting for the raids you want / like, and adventure which is pretty much abandoned with nothing noteworthy to get in it.

its sad cause i loved crossout and wanted the game to improve more but… it is what it is shrugs