What is 6 part?

How is this not 6 part?

They probably mean 60 parts. Other battlepass challenges have sometimes been missing zeros.


Not to mention the missing plural ‘s’… As usual, Gayin cannot into English.

No clue already finished it. I know some of them only count up at the end of a match though so that could be the reason your not seeing it register yet.

6 part is six parts.

Pretty sure they mean 60 parts. They’ve had similar errors in most of the previous battlepasses.

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I thought it might be just the 6 as I finished it really fast.

I did earn it the next battle. it must have been 60 as I only had 51 the first time.

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May mean six non structure parts. Like wheels and weapons and modules. Or like others say it might be missing a zero. Idk.

That’s what I thought too. I finished it in one match, so I didn’t think it was 60.

It’s not that hard to destroy 60 parts in one mission. It’s basically destroying one enemy.

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In the original screenshot I had 11 important parts but only 51 Parts, I think it was 60

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be 6 parts of a certain kind, but the description of what kind of parts it’s supposed to be are missing. There were challanges like this in the last season too.

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