What is going on with the game?

Why such low numbers?

Two days in a row only 4500 players on steam? wtf :thinking:


This game became boring, at least for me and my friends. Playing just for badges in clan and BP points, today i had to wait for 1 minute to fight a patrol mission) yd i had 5 players in patrol and 3 bots in our team, that’s funny) More pay-to-win strategy will bury this game, but i guess that’s what’s going on. Milking a cow while it’s still alive


It sucks.

I feel there’s nothing more to add, but it really needs to be said, so I’ll write it bigger:

Crossout sucks after all these garbage updates. GJ devs, it’s 100% on you.



The rate of drop-off on the Dec 18th has me suspect that its something other than the game going on but it’s hard to say for sure. If you look at the graph it’s a 2k players loss within an 1hr of time. You don’t really see that sharp of a decline going through the history of the graph.


Maybe a major internet outtage over a wide geographical region somewhere?

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Those numbers from steam chart are not reliable.

Flamu says it uses a separate metric, the existence of steam achievements where people just log in to collect the rewards, which may skew the data.



Sorry man, but you simple have no idea how worse can it be.

Perhaps you should try, just to know how lucky we are.

here, take a peak

Was looking around but can’t prove it really there were major floods in the NE and SE US though. It also coincides with winter break and final exams. The short time span makes me think it was something more drastic though.

Well, it’s the third day

I didn’t drop thousands into that game either, thank god.


@aladin911CZ That doesn’t mean you should start spamming the forum with the same image again. We got the point from the first image it’s unnecessary.

This is not the same picture but a new one, I also wrote there that it is already the third day in a row with a massive drop in players.

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I’m just telling you as we already have other topics covering the same thing already.

The game is so far out of balance, the balancing patch was barely noticed.

It simply isn’t fun to be blasted by the same 2 or 3 weapons on legs. Over and Over.

I broke down and got STEAM, been picking up some $15 or less former Playstation exclusives.


I just try to run my match different when it comes to this. If I’m always getting X at Y position then deviate and go to Q and look for P… Some of it’s luck but you don’t always have to play the same either.

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People aren’t going to wait forever for things to get better while every update maybe tries the minimum at best at pretending that they are doing something


On Xbox new players are ran off every day from bumping into the same clan squads over and over and over again. Loosing every time to the same people with laughing horns and fart noise horns sucks.

I been playing since the start of Crossout on Xbox. I am there daily and know what runs off players. Player base would be better if squad people play with squad people and solo players play with solo players.

I know that wont happen and dont know if the player base is high enough anymore for that but it should have happened long ago on Xbox.

Cross-Play i been asking to get forever which will at least make it a higher chance of having more random battles then same people every match.

Also how i know what runs off new players. I had about 10 to 15 people on my list of friends all tried it and got frustrated at the same stuff I said and quit,


Game: horribly unbalanced, leaking f2p players from every hole
Targem: “Lets focus the next patch on making parts fusion stronger for our whales”



For less money than a crappy XO pack, you can legit get 20+ classics. I highly suggest you dump tons of games in your wish list and wait. Oldies usually get discounted for 80%+ every now and then.

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Yep the devs are only in it for the money, nothing is done to game balance or fixing the 6vs8 server issue, they just release shiny pack after pack for the rich addicts to buy.


When they make changes you have to change the way you play if your expecting it to go back to a normal that you liked your not adapting to the changes and will have a horrible experience with it. There are very few builds I started 5 years ago that still work you just have to adapt to it.

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