What is the future of Awakening/ Adventure mode?

First off, I understand the Dev’s never ever have had any intention to do anything with the Awakening/ Adventure game mode. That is before the “blue chip” 20 sides were removed". IMHO this new change opens the proverbial “Can of worms”. Now solely a minute XP & scrap rewards for running amuck on the map. Only to invest large amounts of time to make any of the fore mentioned. Then build testing grounds at the least. However, The one thing I cannot wrap my mind around is not allowing Helicopter builds on the Awakening /Adventure game mode. Personally I don’t see any way that Helicopter builds addition could take advantage nor corrupt any current rewards . The addition of Helicopters in the map would add some interest to the dwindling popularity of Awakening /Adventure map. Sadly this great map is going to waste.


one possibility is that the original dev responsible for coding Adventure mode is no longer around and, also, kept the code-key to themselves. So, although the current devs can remove code from Adventure mode (taking things away), it’s possible that, without the code-key, they cannot add anything to it.

That’s just my conspiracy about it.

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They mentioned before that the development hold basically was decided via the mode being inconvenient to work with, time consuming, and a few other negative things for the amount of draw the mode had in terms of returning players.

Which is why I keep saying if we want to see development of that map it probably will need to have secondary or more uses. It could be probably used as the main bedlam map though a simple secondary use like that probably isn’t enough usage overlap either. Even though it would provide an easy reason to fix up the hidden walls and make it heli useable.

The only way I could picture them working on the mode currently is if they had a good clear way of monetizing the mode. At the same time players aren’t going to be interested in it unless it’s fun and offers fair rewards and benefits. (Apparently offering 20 side missions a week for badges and repeat plays for harder main mission for badges wasn’t cutting it for replays.) It’s semi-dysfunctional limited workbench for shells wasn’t helping it either.

Monetizing DLC missions for the area attached to pack sales is an idea but It could be potentially wasteful if that doesn’t draw players into buying them or playing the area content given. Something like this could offer an set number of reduced cost upgrades or alternative crafting paths and the materials required via special missions. Where as the base game would only present those as normal upgrades or alt crafting paths without the materials and surrounding story backing and missions.

Springing off of that, it could be a fair way to offer a base heli pack and provide workbench access to later rotors. That probably be done with a rare, special, and 2 epic packs covering the current item content available. Starting with a higher rarity pack would just be a way of removing some of the grind and netting a different set of default duplicate parts.

The air side of something like this would probably require some development on bot’s flying too as right now the only enemy you can fight in the air are those stationary airships (i.e. a weapon platform with destroyable targets) or other players. I think without some aerial bots though air missions would go fairly stale quick. Aerial bots might be nice just to give players a secondary method of learning flight combat.

They’d also have to avoid some of the time consuming pitfalls while working on the area too like too many cutscenes, to explain missions and story progression. All of that flash that costs time and effort but offers little return in the long run. These things can be done much simpler with a few still images and text while still getting their point across.

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Ya, they should at least do that.

I’d love to see dieselpunk airships and blimps floating about in there too, as opposed to those platforms they have harshing my view on the farm, but whatever. They could at least open access to copters. It’s not going to break it. It could only make it better.


They could mount some guns or drone-launchers on the mountains and canyons (Ravager flavor, please). Maybe that would be easier, just to get it started. Then, if they saw they were getting more traffic, maybe they could consider doing a deeper overhaul.

I like the original vision this game had more than what they have going on now, so I’d love to see any of the original concept expanded. I’d like them to stop burying the Mad Max thing they had, and exploit it a little more. I’m sure they could work these copters into that and Adventure mode quite simply, if they were just a little creative.


That might be a little interesting as far as fighting defensive structures go. I’m assuming hot air balloons wouldn’t be out of the question too. There’s plenty of ways to do similar but it’s still not going to be as exciting as a dogfight in the sky. I doubt that players will only want to dodge homing missiles too as there are tons of complaints about them already.

I generally think the idea of just sticking to mad max kind of is limiting though it has a great fan base and is iconic. There are tons of future based dystopias to pick from their choices between them all just have to be meshed together a little better. For example you don’t generally hear people complain about the numerous energy weapons used in games like New Vegas or the various power, tech, and smart weapons in cyberpunk 2077 but it’s worked in well. I started playing crossout right near the release of the hovers so that introduction to them was never that jarring for me as it was for others.

Working on the packs as actual DLC’s with missions for the mode I still think might be the easiest way of bringing some monetization to the mode. As the obvious content ramifications is that it would be it’s really different starting the awakening mode in a pack purchased tank or any other pack vehicle than it is in the starter car. Similarly that type of story based content should probably work along with the little bit of lore provided with the profile picture the pack purchase comes with as well. So DLC missions and story would be needed to bridge the gap a little content wise to make them mate up to the main background storyline.

There’s a lot of small missions that could be paired up with items. I could picture some simplifications in content set overlaps like all cannons could have certain side mission sets to start with. Same with machineguns and other weapon types. The same type of sets could be done with cabs, and other items too. There would have to be some faction missions as well to explain the crafting steps past those. Then they’d also then have a fair framework to set the more unique DLC missions into as well.

Some of the garages and workshops should really be reworked too. i.e. swapping builds, building, or crafting without really leaving the mode. i.e. it remembers which garage or workshop point was used and drops you back at that point when returning. This would let a player craft and build for missions without breaking the immersiveness of it. Similarly we get faction car blueprints as rewards already perhaps they could be worked into the mode too. i.e. a way to drive them without crafting all their parts using them as pre-builts for certain missions in the mode or otherwise allowing them to be used after being unlocked only within awakening.

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The very size of the Adventure map might be limiting whatever else it could be used for. There must be a reason why it only allows 4 players at a time, now. It would be great if it was a jumping-off point to other faction-based submaps, where you could have differing adventures based on the faction controlling it. But I guess, until they learn how to keep players in the game, and build the player base, they can’t justify the effort involved to rework the Adventure map. It’s a damn shame… :frowning:


the could work if they removed the shop from the garage and placed it inside Adventure Mode. Driving around to the different factions areas to buy the rigs…


I personally don’t wish to see the Awakening fall off out of existence. The map has far too much potential. So many excellent idea’s have been posted in this thread! Ravager drones, :thinking: Sounds sinister ! Along with dirigibles flying about looking to assimilate victims dropping its minion drones attacking you like a bunch of tiny fast lethal spiders… Then my hair brained idea: An annual endurance race during the holiday season? (New years) It could be a relay based with clans/groups battling over some high end prizes? For a fee of course to fund the Dev’s ! :money_mouth_face: AI would be also in existence to attempt to prevent you’re success. Just a thought.


It doesn’t have something as fancy as “a future”. It was dead on arrival and is even deader now, somehow.

Ideas aren’t the problem, the problem is Targem, what it can do, and how it can extort money from weak players. Targem concluded that Awakning wasn’t a good way to fuck us up so they annouced it was dead years ago.

It’s supposedly a part count thing. Wich I don’t find very convincing. it’s no super hard to merge a bunch of existing parts so that enemies are made of 10-20 parts max.

They should at the very least have put a race track in Adventure mode, even if it was just a static piece of furniture, I think. Adding a timer for it that you activate like any of the other side-missions, and then earning performance based rewards doesn’t seem like a lot to ask either, but IDK.

I would love to see an open world adventure mode for this game be developed. I’m bored to death with melee-brick wars, and anything they did to make that less of a thing would be appreciated.

With having such an advanced character creation system (build feature) it seems a little odd that it doesn’t offer more as an RPG. I wish it did, and I like the idea of them using Adventure mode as a sort of lobby for other modes or missions, more like a conventional RPG.


The race track is an awesome idea. I suggested ages ago a “stadium” Bedlam map with a soccer stadium, a race track outside, and a skate park in a corner. And they heard it. They gave us a 60€ garage that does this :skull:

My main suggestion for Adventure more is mostly technical. Bigger parts + enemies spawning when you are near/accept a mission instead of roaming the land = more enemies allowed = more fun.

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it may not have been cutting it but at least it was SOMETHING to do in the mode.

the problem with this was the salvage and rewards werent good. at all… even now the rewards are garbage. 1 to 7 scrap / copper per scrap pile is laughable. anytime i got casings from that mode in the past it gave me 1 casing the most often when searching scrap piles which is pathetic. idk why they didnt up the amount you found. people didnt make fidgets or imps all that often anyways, the damn resources cost more then the gun! :rofl:

most likely because of the amount of enemies and the number of players. it might cause alot of lag or something. i dunno the reasoning but for a map that huge i imagine it can cause some issues with alot of players in the map at one time.

it HAS potential, but the devs just dont want to work on it it seems. i really wish they would put some time into it and expand it some more. give us more to do in the mode. add some missions or challenges back into it. increase the rewards to. but i dont think theyll do that :sob:

The last major activity in Adventure /awakening was taking out the cameras. Some locations were a real challenge ! Brings the song “Glory days” by Bruce Springsteen to mind.

The build functionality as they use it is simply sandboxing rather than actual character creation, most character creation systems tend to be more permanent with their changes. All the RPG elements are really removed from it already to make it even less RPG-ish outside of a basic leveling system. The co-drivers are just always available mercs that you instantly meet and who are always available for a one time fee. Same with the weapon and structure part acquisition are vastly over simplified for an RPG. Normally all of this would be hidden in story content in a RPG and then level, content, or stat locked into it. I generally think the move away from the RPG elements makes it more difficult for them to write smaller missions for the awakening area. Unlocking each co driver could have been a small story arc same with a lot of other stuff…

To me using it as a lobby seems like a great idea too. I wouldn’t mind being able to get everywhere in game from there and be returned to there after. I’d probably run to instances of it one with pvp and one without.

I had mentioned a few times it would be nice to be able to spend fuel in there to trigger events like mini-raids for the area. It could give less reward as it’s only one person spending the fuel but it would be something to do rather than wait for group missions to self spawn. I’d probably put a quest board up at the market too that refreshes each day/week/month. This could cover most of the old stuff like 20 missions be simple drop and retrieves as well as side-mission counters. It’s something that could work along side the lamp given missions but would also give a means to escape a map that is all collect the crates missions. For whatever reason they haven’t put a return to state in for when 1 mission type dominates is beyond me. lol…

It does add up even being small quantities but I think they were balancing off of the risk/reward factor a bit too much rather than looking at it against playtime gathering quantities. They also neglected to add the rest of the resources needed to make the items on the workbenches. So they automatically have a reason for players to leave the mode constantly. The weapons in that line are one of the few that I never made money off just due to the costs.

I don’t think they really thought about it being an immersive mode either though and it would have been nice to just be able to play through it from a starter car to whatever end point build a player finished a run through on. Which is part of the reason I keep mentioning the faction level builds they give out and trying to drive story content around it.

I think some of this might be from opening a new instance every time a player starts a story mission too. Instead of porting the player to a smaller map they create a new instance of the same map completely functional until you click on the start position to engage the mission. That wastes a lot more resources. If they had chopped up the map more for each mission they could have made smaller instances that use less resources. I could see that becoming a possible issue with the amounts of parts across all open instances. It’s hard to tell though because their game engine is proprietary so I can’t just look stuff up about it as easily as some of the others. I know there are object limits in other game engines though so they might just be saying it as it is. As their limit might be including data objects as well as things like projectiles which can ramp up in quantity quite fast in some cases…

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The way I had thought this out was: in the blueprint window of the garage the pack you bought would have a default blueprint save spot. Where instead of defaulting to an empty build garage spot it defaults to the basic blueprint for the pack. You could then load from that pack given spot to access the DLC missions as they are specific to the pack. This basically would not just give a user an extra blueprint spot but also organize how you access the DLC content in the mode. The shop it self wouldn’t have to change. Though if they allowed the garages to function with blueprint selection and build functionality from within the mode you could then swap between builds and DLC content packs without leaving the mode.

The game would get some default item based missions, cabs, weapons, modules, movement parts…
DLC would retain those mission sets plus add some special rewards like workpieces or similar that could be put towards upgrading the pack build or made and sold (would be dependent on pack).
DLC would gain some pack specific missions geared towards that pack and portrait character background offers some special rewards. The special rewards could be other CKs for the build parts, extra paints, stickers and similar… The player is then getting a reward for finishing up the extra mission sets too. (For example, some packs come with a CK so adding a second painted version of it I don’t think would add much cost. Maybe for paints there might always be a damaged and clean version…)

The idea is not to make too much extra work for the devs to add to cost but also to round out the value of packs make it a little more justifiable for players to want them as well. As going between the different pack levels a lot of the stuff from them I can just pick up from the market so I’m often eyeing the lite versions. This type of addition would get me to look at a normal version sometimes though.

There are other ways to do it too like outright selling of mission packs but that gets into odd territory where it can make them look even more greedy especially if the missions are attached to the main mission. They would have to think over how to deal with retiring packs as well as grandfathering existing purchases too.

I would also encourage them think about DLCs for the other alt garages normally offered with the deluxe packs and offering them alone with some corresponding mission packs. So you could have some missions sets for Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Assault Force, Syndicate… It would open up a different way for players to get the garages along with some content sets that would be shared with the deluxe packs. (They could just discount it if someone already had the garage.) The same type of thing could be done with each faction group garage as a way to bring in some more lore and content into awakening mode.

It might be interesting but we’d have to talk about how a group gains territory. If each clan moves to the left next territory they would gain and lose territory without seeing each other. Same thing would happen if everyone moved to the right. How do we ensure there’s some conflict?

There’s been a few times where people have asked about doing a pvp enabled raids and brawls. This could be done with clans too. (i.e. you have 2 opposing objectives between the clans…) An easy example would be escort or destroy caravan.

Package pick up could be done using called out map coordinates slaughter respawns applied. With a few boosters and weapons each team tries to pick up the most against the clock. Bots are left in for ammo drops and booster refueling.

There’s a lot of little stuff like that, that’s do able but I’m not sure if it would be popular or not as most people just seem to focus on straight PVP.

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Bouncing on the side missions bit quickly:

The problem with side missions was that they rewarded nothing, offered no challenge, and 3/4 of them were variants of “drive from a to b” with no enemies or events whatsoever.

It would have been easy to build upon the existing missions to create “medium” and “hard” difficulty versions, that might have required a bit more gear/specialized vehicle, but gave better rewards.
Example: Medium and Hard “delivery” missions would have a timer, and ambushes. The medium one would be doable going at 50 kmh with decent trajectories and would have 0-2 small ambushes, the hard one would require a solid 110 kmh with 1-3 bigger ambushes, a couple minefields and maybe a turret section where it’s appropriate. All these would be spawned in when the mission is accepted, and despawned when the timer runs out. With only 4 players allowed on a map, this should be largely doable on Gaijin’s potato servers.

This specific mission would be geared toward fast combat cars, race cars, etc. The beauty of that system is that a new player could try to make a specialized car with 6 white boosters on a Sprinter and do these hard missions (but probably not the combat missions with the same car). As he gains parts, he’d be able to create more generalist cars that can rule over the wasteland.

The lack of sense of progression in Adventure was my main pet peeve as a new player. Especially now that starter cabs have 10 energy, you can do the whole thing with your 5 Chords. Don’t need to progress, and you actually don’t progress given how lame the rewards are (and they’re worse now)


They simply never invested any man hours into developing this feature, ever. I don’t think it’s surprising that a feature this half baked isn’t popular.

I’m not really surprised the heap wars that PVP is isn’t more popular either, because it’s not…unless you compare it to this game itself. It is (was) the most popular aspect of this game, but as far as the gaming community at large goes, they apparently see this game overall as less amusing than virtually anything else…as Aladdin is always keen to point out. Bless his heart.

My guess is we’ll hit rock bottom in about a month unless something changes (Christmas?). Then It will just linger there until something revolutionary actually does happen.

I say that, but then helicopters, camera steering, and omnidirectional movement were pretty “revolutionary” changes to this game, but it clearly hasn’t made this game more popular. They came. They saw. They left, and none of this seems to take into account the Chinese migration that might as well never had happened looking at today’s numbers. IMO, it’s much worse considering whatever that population explosion was. No year, since I’ve started playing, has seen such a drastic drop in the number of players who I guess see almost anything else as more worthy of their attention.

They have all the right tools to make Adventure mode a quality asset to this game, and I wish they would, but will they, or will they just double down on the failing “buy more bigger better” marketing they are spoiling this game economy with currently?