What is the point of hoverers?

When they get damaged by melee weapons at wheel height and die in 2 seconds?

They started out being fragile but agile. Then the first hoverboats were created and players demanded their stats be nerfed. That led to the default for a hover build being a sideways hover. Which then lead to further nerfs that left hovers where they are now.

TL;DR: They were balanced at introduction until the only hovers anyone made were hoverboats and then got nerfed into the ground because after being balanced properly particularly loud players still failed to deal with them.

hoverboats were’nt possible back then, they were hard caped at 4 just like how generators are currently caped at 1.

I remember it because i was there, the hover height used to be much higher, now they are just easy targets for melee builds.

Their point is to demolish everything that isn’t a wheeled rush build without sweating?


No buddy, you are missing the point of this post.
The demolishing part all depends on the player and their weapons.
Im talking about going hover to protect yourself from all the melee weapons at wheel level that they apparently dont.

They don’t without extra stuff like hover catchers. It’s a great thing they can get caught. Unless you want one movement part to be magically immune to porcs + melees just because.

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And where do we find these hover catchers in our parts list that i have never seen on any other player?

Seriously? You can’t be that oblivious dude… Melee and fire has always been the bane of hovers. Even when hovers were overpowered meta of the meta.

Consider me Oblivious, like all other new people buying hover engines.
They are expensive, hard to use, and dont come with a warning sign of tenshiijin the all knowing.

They were at the release of the dawn children. The soft cap of 4-5 came well after release when the devs released that stat nerfs weren’t going to cut it.