What is up with raid calculations?

I know the score is what matters for my reward but why did this player even get an MVP? They had a lower score, lower damage.

Is that second column for taking damage!? If so how is that a good indicator of performance… just seems dumb.

Yeah second is dmg taken. They might have had higher points in a weighted score i.e. more objective points.

It’s a truck escort though? Damage taken shouldn’t be something which is seen as a positive thing imo.

Depends on how you look at it, that could be dmg to the truck or to the rest of the team if it wasn’t soaked by the player. I’m not sure how they count the dmg in.

Outside of that though I did notice objective points seem to count more then the kill/assist points. I’m not sure what the ratio is though.

i have to say in latest 4 years i didn’t pay any attentions about this but lately happend to me so many time… get best power score = no mvp, get worse power score get mvp, sound really curious whatever somebody try to explane why…

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I’m not sure if soaking up damage increases or decreases your score. I’ve definitely had a lot of invasion matches where I dealt the most damage, but didn’t score the highest.
Maybe they’re doing some kind of score balancing based on PS? I don’t usually pay attention much to PS in PVE, but have noticed that sometimes I score much higher than I would have thought when running a lower PS build.

See I don’t know if that really is damage taken, I was in a raid earlier in a 5800 PS build… little car and my teammates were in like 17-18k builds but they had less score in that column than I had… and I certainly hadn’t taken more damage than their massive builds.

Doesn’t it say “damage taken” when you hover your cursor above that column? I could be wrong, as I don’t play a lot of raids.

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it doesn’t show anything when you hover over it

I mean the shield icon at the top of the column.
Still nothing? I was sure something popped up there.

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yes,damage taken

Ive hovered over it and its not said anything, try getting a screenshot because it doesn’t tell me anything

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it shows it on PC

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Good to know, because I’ve never been able to see it, cheers

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Weird, must be a display glitch on XBOX. I sometimes wonder how many little bugs like that are in the game that were not even aware of.

if you get more damage taken you can be mvp lol.

i think someone needs to do there math again,i would think the more damage you take you get subtracted from total points.
i think someone forgot to change + to -.
but anyway,here it is…

maybe getting into the instance first gives you higher points time wise.idk
but the 2 players on top came in a little late.that’s why i thought of this.
just wish the devs would tell us.

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one more for the ‘first come first served’ thingy.on mvp.
i think it might be a little broken,i didn’t do any of the objectives.