What is your least favorite part graphicly in the game?

For me it’s the rims on the Array wheels and maybe the rims on the Landing wheels for the same issue. I think it’s because they don’t have that much depth to them on the outer face.

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You have the question backwards looking for the least favorite part i.e. something that graphicly bothers you or could be fixed/updated in the game.

if we can extend it to CK’s i think the Serpent ck for booms is lame AF. could be much cooler looking.


For me, it has been the Mission selection page with that weird graphic Distortion thing they have going on. It’s just abysmally ugly to look at. This is a moot point, though.


The new menus are pretty ugly. Less functional too, in regard to the build feature.

The orange glow that indicates that the Gravastar is charged is so ugly I ditched them as soon as I saw it. I can’t use them because they are too damn ugly. The Hermits are also so ugly I refuse to use them.

Hovers are stupid looking too, and I’m not crazy about the APC wheels or the Array wheels either.

I’ve seen Bigrams used in a way that help make them less ugly, but not often.

The cheesy new menus and icons win for my least favorite feature, though.

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We can build jet powered hovers. Magnetic ball tires. Spider legs. Impulse weapons.

But we can’t fix the darn map display to not glitch out… I do not guess it has to make sense.

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Nor can we rotate boosters vertically, which seems glaringly nonsensical. They should have just fashioned that feature as a NOS module.


I just posted a little about that in a new thread… This is so stupid it hurts my head. Hovers that can lift a 20 ton build 3 meters off the ground, but not 300 meters is just assinine (misspelled on purpose).

As for my biggest graphic-gripe…

I hate how some vegetation just kinda’ magically floats passes through your build like a ghost… other vegetation gets destroyed… then, there are poles that break apart when you hit them, and others that’ll stop you dead in your tracks. The same is true of wreckage on some of the maps.

Just dumb.


I like the tree farts. They sound like the fart horn when you run them over…but this is a hate thread, so never mind.

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we can, we just gotta give our lives (and full control of our PC’s) over to the Flame Raiders. What kind of crazy freakin bs is that???

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Some maps are really boring visually. Nameless Tower especially makes me want to instantly leave the game to go find a less… bland map.

I agree with Cle, they’re making all the maps less interesting just so it’ll be even for all no matter what side of the map you start on, They flat maps, add invisible walls, remove assets and alter terrain in ways to make the maps look like it’s a game meant for 5 years old in spe-ed class

Some of the engines (Razorback) have really low resolution. It looks like they were rendered on a late PS2 game.


I can only think of two things that bug me:

  • the green lights inside hermits. Always have to use a hubcap to hide them.
  • fire puddles still look too fake and 2D, especially compared to the new explosions, which look great.
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The green Hermit lights and animation are some of my favorite parts! For me, the Omni wheel outer cap is what bothers me the most. It is not interesting to look at, and Omni wheels do not accept hub caps. I would like to see Omni wheels take hubcaps.


The weapon recoil animations where everything just gets stretched out of its mount like a pair of rubber ti- you finish that word. Before they did all those stupid animation redos I was gawking at the then new junkbow’s animation where the barrel racked back and awkwardly shuffled back into battery as if the barrel sleeve was greased with filings and crooked/out of round. Back then the Rapier sfx was also PTSD inducing, it sounded better than a lot of War Thunder sfx. Sounded like a slide hammer on a door panel.

the ‘updated’ flashy shooting fireworks over your area self destruct animation.
it used to be just a red cabin glow and a countdown beeping sound.

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