What is your Opinion on the Avalanche? Reload /Dmg

I think its meh…Even with the K2 flywheel and aiming is garbage in game that you are supposed to keep moving or die.

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I don’t really like cannons (so I don’t play them much), BUT with that said, I have seen some fast little Omni wheel builds do pretty good with this gun. It’s more of a hit and run tactic instead of a stand back and shot from range.

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It really is a tanky weapon but if on a slow build and no mods its rough it usally get stripped after you shoot.

The fastest reload set up for it currently I think is still using it with a hadron and a king mine layer.

My current build for it uses a master cab and Omamori all linked together and sandwiched in between goliath tracks. I only tend to loose it when dealing with lasers. They outpace the resistance and soak along with the heal. I can’t say I love playing it though. The damage is fine but the aim is sloppy.

Works best on fast builds, with a cabin that also boosts reload.
I like deadman best, but hadron/king also works.

I mostly see people running them on omniwheels, but I’ve seen a few people running them on hovers, and occasionally augers or tracks.

The omniwheel perks helps their accuracy issues, and with deadman and a golden eagle they can be very maneuverable.
Glad they increased the self damage, as it was kind of lame that so many people were using it as a lance. Doesn’t need to be fired at point blank range to hit a target.


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I noticed mounting them high up helps with their sharp projectile drop too but I just haven’t gotten around to trying to combat test one set up like that yet.

I tried one mounted behind the cabin, and it wasn’t bad. I don’t think it made long range shots any easier, but seemed to help at mid range.
But can make you a bit tippy, and it’s easier for people to target the gun.

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I really love this canon. Hands down its my favorite one. However i cant stand to play it on anything other than deadman or hadron. If the build is over 10k ps your going to need at least 40% reload buff imo. Anything lower and its not so great. Hadron cab with a king or a porc is def a must for this canon.


I have been meaning to get around to building one with a hadron porc, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Might be a good weekend project.

Its gives the same reload buff as a king. But i find a king works much better for my playstyle with the gun.

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have you tried using a hadron with 2 fat mans that are fused for reload, a reload booster and a king?
or even better a king, reload booster and a fat man. if you land your shots you can just keep firing nonstop.
it even gives a significant reload boost to mammoths and mastodons and its crazy how much damage you can do.

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Lol i dont have any cabs like… Ml legs tanky but slow probbly a bad mix for the weapon

I kind of like my master cab one. It is slow, fairly light and small for a tank that sits in 13k but it works. I think the biggest obstacle of using it is getting use to aiming it.

I have mine on a master cab also but the aiming needs rework on the weapon! the aiming crosshairs are way to slow you have to sit one place to long to get a descent shot the way the devs want you to use it lol

I was surprised when they buffed Kaiju and nerfed Ava, because it just seemed to me that Kaiju was strong, and Avalanche quite garbage. In terms of burst damage, it’s not particularly impressive. In terms of DPS, it’s dreadful. Ballistics are the worst in the game, and indirect fire is pointless since most of the damage is bullet damage.

I just don’t get it. I already had a one-click ballistic nuke weapon, it’s Snowfall, and it’s miles better than Ava. Better burst, better DPS, better ballistics, better volume of fire, better accuracy…


I generally agree, when they first mentioned it having odd firing mechanics I thought perhaps it was going to be artillery style. That was until they did the pre-view video of it. A lot of times I’m forced to skip waiting on the crosshairs to finish; just to keep up with the rate of game play. I think a lot of it is just getting use the drop via practice though, I can’t quite imagine how much more drop the unfused ones have.

Normally to me the reloads a bigger issue as there’s often little room to make up for a miss. A buff to it’s reload probably would help the most as it is a lot more comfortable on the deadman cab with a flywheel but that still is a long reload.

I was thinking the self damage nerf might be because of the Savior cab they released at the same time. A 25% increase in dmg from the ava would have been a bit much for such an easy perk to activate. Similarly you had the Deadman nerf of removing 5% reload from solo weapons. I was kind of surprised they didn’t do Catalina at the same time. A lot of the self damage could be negated with an Aegis.


It really needs much faster aiming. I can score some really nasty long range hits with ava, but its aim time is horrible.

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I disagree with all of this.

I like jumping off stuff amd takeing airborn shots. Avalanches aim time def makes that very hard to do.

Hill maps are great for avalanche and bad. Great that i can hide behind the hill and use the bullet arc to hit people. Bad that when i want to push up, the hill messes up my aim as i travel over it becsuse of slow barrel rotation time.