What it should be?

Is this normal? From 280 to 1000? WTF I have noticed that the prices are increasing for everything, but they remain the same for Videłký. What’s going on with the stock market?

Thresher was in the mini bp event that just and yes this is normal for what happens when they over saturate the market and then cut the cause of the over saturation. It use to sell for somewhere around 350-500 depending on what’s going on at the time and has kind of worked it’s way back to that. As the thresher is used in the current main BP prices will be a little higher than normal for them too.

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If this is normal that the item is sold for 300 a year and after a year overnight it increases to 550. That’s pretty disgusting. And I won’t put another penny into this game. I will play it for now, but I won’t spend a penny on the game.

I thought you already left this game like 20 other times.

Isn’t this the same message you come to the forum and say every update?

Get over it man and admit your addicted.

Thank you for taken the time to type out a well thought out answer. This guy is not looking for a well thought out answer. He just wants to start people complaining.

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Yes I want to complain about the nonsense in this game. And I will continue to do so. You can defend the game all you want, but the number of players is the true indicator of success. And youtube is filled with criticism and players leaving. So you can go on merrily defending it. And how most game components artificially go up in price is bullshit and I’ll stand by that.

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I feel like some people think the devs get the coins that we spend on the market when buying items from players.

You are incorrect. Profit is the measure of success. Longevity (how long the game is live) is a measure of success.

The number of players doesn’t matter as much as how much the players that are retained, spend. The number of players is not a measure of success unless it is 0. (it CAN be a measure of the health of a game, when compared to long term data)

It’s ok to complain. Nothing wrong with that.

But understanding what a Live Service F2P game is and the business model and then still playing places the fault on YOU, the player, not the Service offered. This business model is not unique and is the standard business model across the industry.

It isn’t so ok to just complain over and over about the business model, when you can easily disengage from it.

How the game “feels”, Game mechanics, implementation, harassment, changes to mechanics (nerfs/buffs), what is or is not in BP’s etc… those are valid complaints.

You must live in a non-capitalist society. I am sorry to tell you artificial scarcity (regulating product flow) is a part of business.

It is not the Dev’s fault you cannot look past today, do research (read the announcements/dev blogs) and plan ahead.
Perhaps reading about what is coming up coupled with the knowledge demand raises prices could help you be on the other end of these price swings.


NP I dumped most of my explanation after seeing who was asking.


Ignore function is pretty sweet… just sayin’…

JJ, however, those 8000 players out of 400 million European population says something about this game. After 7 years 8000 max 13000 thousand players muhahaha. I turn it on here and there and meeting the same players is a demonstration of numbers in itself. Even here, a few individuals are having fun with each other, the numbers speak for themselves.

Most F2P games need a population of 5,000-10,000 active players to be profitable. Add N. America, S. America, Asia and Africa to your assumed player base and then multiply by THREE platforms. One could extrapolate a minimum of 20k players world wide.

Is the game a “WoW Killer”? No it is not. The game was never meant to be.

Who is JJ?

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