What kind of unique rewards would you like?

One of the prime motivators for me to actually participate in events have always been the rewards. What type of rewards would you all want to see to get you excited to play an event?


Silly weapon ck skins. I want them so much. For example ck that turns porcupines in to teddy bears with dinamite strapped to its chest. I hardly ever do the events and brawls. I’m much happier playing regular PvP. If the brawl has a good enough rewards I’ll play it until I get that reward. But lately brawl rewards have indeed been garbage. So u usually never waste my time. I was quite happy with dronepocalypse rewards though. The fart horn and a smiley face sticker and some rocket baloons? That’s a good brawl haul right there.


Yeah, I agree with this. it’s a major peeve of mine. I really didn’t mind the dronepocalypse rewards either though I don’t think that type of random should be the meta of rewards.

One of my favorite rewards is the destroyable range targets. I like the hi-poly building models too but I wish they would function a little more mostly because they cost so many range points…

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Smashed skulls decor. Alligator paint and i know they have it! Ahem dynamic armor is looking a little alligator skin looking and you know i want it haha. A backing up beeper horn. Turn signals that work. A speedometer hologram projector for the fast builds to prevent less blow ups at max speeds you will see it better also racing with a friend would look super cool with a giant speedometer showing you how fast you can get up too. Possibly the weapons you use holograms so say you use dual cyclones tadaaaa the rear of the vehicle lets you know what others are using as quick info holograms would be super cool with like a after image of some cool looking cyclone 3d image and then a cyclone cloud. Or say reapers have a grim reaper head show up aftera reaper gun image is shown . Porcupine has well the black porcupine sticker logo but more fiery looking. Like do all the relics and legendaries first if you love that idea. Ill stop there i don’t wanna go too crazy.

It was april fools thats why they did joker stuff

Yeah i made the dummy target truck to use in bedlam for everyone to shoot at as fast as they can oh it was great you gotta try that one for laughs.

The back up beeper would be funny on a backwards omni build… lol

I could dig a fair amount of the ones you suggest turn signals would be high up on my list. I liked the haha sign I could see that being expanded on too. It would be cool if they had some that would hotlink to the quick comm buttons that I never use. I kind of agree with you though there is more they could use the holograms with and for.

I love paints but they have to be viable paints not an example of, " I ate a box of crayons and splatter painted a wall" type of thing. I asked them once in the old idea forum to look on here for colors: House of Kolor- the Official Site for House of Kolor Custom Finishes - House Of Kolor

@67834135’s idea for ammo ck’s isn’t that bad either… exploding pumpkins would be cool, exploding eggs would be cool too.

I remember seeing someone suggest extra large full vehicle stickers too and I thought that might be kind of neat. It would depend on what the sticker is but you could do the basic camo with just 2 of them easy. Like you could have a light and a dark one that just goes a few shades up or down in contrast.

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I have every relic stickers at 16 each and many others at 16 each just because one sticker is just not enough. To pull it off nicely so sometimes 16 eyes of the beast look super cool on a ride . Like i wished that porcupines had stickers put on them as the barrel rolls it shows stickers lol. Like theres alot of things they can pull off but i know porcupines would be funny to see watchout! On one or boom goes the car! Fire! Keep on rollin baby! Dont tip me over! I win! You lose! Just funny comments. Or a giant eyeball sticker hahahaha. Like funny animal faces or emojis. lots of things they can do for viewing pleasure lol.

You could do a peacock look with that. I kind of like when you can collage and blend them together. The only thing with stickers that sucks is people can turn them off in the options and then they never see what you did with them.

Yeah I agree or something similar would be funny.

I wouldn’t mind those either. Though I can’t think of any off the bat that I would really want. Hamster doing nom’s maybe… There’s a lot they could get away with though with that type of thought trend though.

I submitted an idea a while ago for electroluminescent stickers and paint a while ago that would trigger with the light key. I kind of hope they make use of it. This kind of stuff: LUMILOR - Electric Paint That Lights Up at The Flip of a Switch - YouTube

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Dynamic stickers would be kind of cool too. These would be like an emblem that shows your faction level.

I liked putting the eyes of the beast on all the stickers that has eyes in them like jelly to give them a darker more scary look. It works great on the horse skulls and put them on leeches or any front machine gun or shotgun looks great with eyes looking around. Lots of cool things we can do in this game and i hope it continues.

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I’d love to see them do a range target where it starts as a player based a contest a few months before. In this case for a sled for the winter. The winning build is immortalized as a reward for the rest of the players for winter reward of the challenge. In this the reward changes each year but the structure of the contest doesn’t need to. It can be labeled with the game time year and redone each year.

I just saw a mini fridge! So yeah a original xbox console decore with small tv and controller’s would be tight. And the other generations are nice too. Maybe a kenect bar to video chat friends.

We have alligator paint in game. At least we have it on ps4. I think I got mine from as a brawl reward or from. The exibition competitions. I cant remember. But I indeed own a scaled pai t called “alligator”. Though the scales are all black with silver shine. Like a robot alligator I suppose.

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Yeah i know that paint i used to have it year 1. No i mean actual alligator skin color. If you look at dynamic armor it looks very alligator skin looking. Maybe they can add one for a crocodile? Yeah the old alligator paint changed its theme i think or it was cold steel. Both were very nice looking paints especially on a bear or fury. I made a wedge bear build and called it rhino because i would sit in low spots waiting for prey to show up and it had horns on top of it to stop the player from going too far over the wedge because they were getting more smart with their builds so i had to adjust. That build i had was made right after they took out the chase raid or whatever it was called i forgot but it was a fun raid where you drive to spots as fast as you can shooting raiders as you raced across ship graveyard.

In one of the other of the topics here in the last week we also mentioned themed crates for example for races a race related decor box would be nice. Something like that could be carried across the various brawls though.

What I’d love the most is an ability to choose a colour scheme of certain patturned paints. Like leapord print or alligator

Decor items in general. Paints, exhausts, lights, horns, etc.

Maybe put them in race challenges. the race decore box so you get unique things for winning races as progress or a project to cool racers that like racing others no matter the builds? Maybe have it in the bedlam area or something? Where you can meet up to race and whoever shows up can see what they are facing just incase? because some players have advantages in this area.