What makes Crossout Great?

For me it is being able to build your own car. and planning ahead so it can resist most types of builds.
I just play the game to kill time, im not a clan warrior so i dont do meta builds.

What about you guys? why do you like to play the game?


Music and gameplay. This game was a vibe.

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Making my own build, and then taking it into battle and seeing what it can do.

As long as I get a steady trickle of new parts to build with, I’m happy.


Yeah building is the main part and trying out your build. Also full game lobbies and do good against everything with your build.

Destroying real people is much more satisfying.

I usually run a Huey and blast fortunate son in patrol, that’s pretty great

like most ppl said, it’s the building of my own builds and testing how far i can go with it that’s the main charm of the game for me. i started about the time it came out, but took a long pause 'cause the grind back then was horrendous, 'speshully for a non clan member. came back recently and also joined a clan, but even without that, the game is more fun than then…

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