What movement part are you seeing at high PS

First off this is not a crying thread so please don’t.

This is an information thread.

I’m very interested in what people are playing at high PS on different platforms after the patch.

Also by High PS I mean 14k+ ( Not 10k :confused: )

On Xbox High PS seems to mostly be Blue Hovers now. Punishers, Typhoons, and Scorps also seem to be the most used weapons.

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I’m curious too. The only high PS build I’ve played since the change is a Mandrake/Heather build, so I’m not even seeing most of the builds I’m killing. All I see are damage numbers until a dog finds me.

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Hello chatbot. Thanks for your worthless contribution.

Monkey, this topic would be better posed this time next week, after the balance changes make harvesters much more viable. I expect on PS, most top clans will be using legs heavily

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Yeah, I think we’re heading to a dogs vs spiders period, with a smattering of hover snipers.

Lol yeah - the chat bot bumped this topic from months ago :slight_smile: this is not a new thread.

This thread is from last year 2022.