*What Not to do in Operation Radiance,waste players time..🥺

don’t run all the way back to the start,it never ends well…
as i wait for you to pick what side of the bridge your crossing,then turn my car sideways by them holes,your doomed.
i forgot to screenshot what happen in the end lol…it was a hover for the record that i killed on the bridge… :crazy_face:


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I wished the devs would have installed a storm warning or gate closing so that this back running would be impossible.


here we go again :rofl:


Still nowhere near as bad as the first ravager brawl, the skinners were legal at the start and there were players who hung on the landscape features or got on top of a ledge that no one could get to and parked there and ran the cloak out, that got so bad the devs banned the skinner!

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Thanks for the information…
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I was guilty of that from time to time. I kind of look at every mode and try to find the best way to win it. Hanging from the landscape was very boring, though after a while.

I’ve taken the suggestion of building bare bones, it worked out nicely, but I would say if you aren’t using armor to distribute the weight equally front and back as too much weight on the back pulls up the front wheels and causes your vehicle to bounce around like you were riding a bull


Just make sure you are mounting things so they hang one block below the frames, and keep the heavy stuff right against the cab and you should be okay. By their very nature, lighter builds bounce around more. It does take getting used to. I usually do the 20 side missions in adventure with a build similar to what I posted, but riding on Bigfoot tires. You kind of skip across the surface rather than drive on it when you are going high speeds. It definitely takes some getting used to.

My prediction is that by the end of this miniature battle pass, The Meta will not be wheels, but plasma hovers. As of right now, they are killing it. Sadly, I don’t have any of the plasma weapons.

I just made a skeleton build mainly to finish one of the tasks (activate 1 of the pillars at the 1st gate)


How’d it work?

I played again with a wheeled build like I posted in my thread - being bare bones & fast. Most of the field was similar builds, so it’s no longer dominant. I’m seeing hovers & plasmas dominate.

I agree

Well, I made a few adjustments to it, got rid of the autocannons, and put on kings. swapped wheels also. Not have a chance to test it out yet

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