What on earth is this new update really about?

Ok devs, I would gladly like to hear your ideas and thoughts behind these latest changes what you did to the game. And yes, I really need to ask are you even playing this game by yourselves? At least it feels like maybe not or at least barely. About my background, I have over 5k hours on this game (not trying to say that’s much - there is a lot of people with much more hours) from 2021 to this day so I think at least I can on some point express my thoughts about the game’s situation.

First of all I feel you are trying to take all the skillness out of this game. First, hovers are totally dead. Maybe you could still play with only four in pvp but no. You broke the tormentor which now everyone is abusing in pvp. And in the cw playing a hover is like driving a cargo ship.
And of course the tusks which is (still - after all the time when you changed the penetration mechanics) also broken. Damage still goes through every bumper straight to cabin. And do I even need to mention about the firebugs. They were already a bit too strong against everything but instead of propably on a some way balancing them you desided to buff them with giving them that extra insta heat. Wow, now the cw matches (which at least on my opinion should be more strategic and skill-related) is only about the builds that can push like a crazy monkeys. No tactics, no skills, just push! And the cw match is over in a minute.
And yes, same thing in pvp. You don’t need skills, if you can find a W-button on keyboard and maybe you also know a bit about pushing also A and D you are good to go. And kapkans, oh those little things what could propably save you from pushing. They are only working if the planets are on right order and the moisture of an air is right.

Like what on earth are these changes about, can you explain to me? Am I missing “the whole picture” or is there anything else on the background than milking money? Is it like hovers and gerridas are milked off, time to go for a next thing. I’m not saying this because I’m lacking something, no. My inventory is totally ok. But I would love to play skill-based builds instead of all the " broken-meta-bullcrap".
Also many things are quite useless after your changes. For example scorps and porcs. I think at least those two are both mainly played on hovers. Now for example a car (doesn’t matter what guns he is even using) can easily counter both because the build is taking forever to turn, when it turns stopping the turning also takes time and you can’t even keep up with him. Yes, there still are those kapkans… …but that one I already said, glitchy as… And if a car hits you. Yeap, again takes forever to try to turn, stop it and even try to aim. And if the car was firebug, now you can’t anymore do literally anything. Before you could at least dance a little bit but not anymore! And this is the situation with the upgraded hovers. I don’t wanna even know how bad it would be with the normal ones.

From the gerridas I can’t say much because I have barely used them but I think the nerf was also quite huge on those ones. Yes, I think they were out-balanced and needed a nerf but is the nerf also killing them, that one I can’t say.

So please explain these, besides making money, is this just about making almost anyone able to play cw and do well or what? Is it like you just want to replace all the old players with new wallet warriors? Or is the aim still to make that crossplay available and that’s the reason to nerf all the skill-based builds out of the game so that pc is not that op?
The only proper explanation what I can come up with this nerf of hovers is that you are already planning to release legendary hovers (to milk more and more) and that’s the reason why all the old ones needs to be killed so that for sure everyone needs to get those. I can’t find any other proper reason for all of this?

I would like to know all of this because this has been a great game but now almost every changes are all the time making the game to take a bad step. It can’t be only my feeling, that one you can already see if you just check for example the statistics of reviews on steam. And also from the game. How many clans has already quit the game just because of this “new direction” of the game. If you play cw, you face same clans over and over again. Also tells something something…

This used to be a really great game but what is the main purpose of making it worst step by step. Please, I want at least some kind of an explanation. I would still like to enjoy this game on my free time but I have to say you guys are all the time making it harder and harder. I’m not trying to diss the game, I’m just telling the facts how I see them at the moment.


if you could sum this up in 7 words… thx :crazy_face:


Here you go:
Why are new balance changes so broken? :rofl:

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what,broken? how else you gonna spend money on this game :yum: :shushing_face:

People have been screaming for many months now about how hover and Gerrida DPS horseshoe builds are OP and dominating the game.
This update is trying to correct that by making those parts a little weaker, and by introducing some new items that will help close range wheeled builds against hovers and fast spiders, as well as a new type of damage that could make spaced armour less effective.
From that angle, the update is all about trying to make the game more diverse, and to address the dominance of strafing DPS horseshoe builds.

Well, in an attempt to say something without putting alot of thought behind it, here goes.

Do the devs play their own game? Probably not to the extent that the clientele does. There was a huge scandal about this a few years back in World of Tanks or World of Warships, I forget which one. Apparently one of the devs admitted they don’t play the game. In one sense, this is not unreasonable; if you’re sitting in front of a pc all day coding updates and maintenance and all the other stuff a developer does, the last thing you want to do is go home and play it in your
spare time.

As for updates breaking other things, well, there’s another thread about new weapon proposals…with perks like “if the first shot hits, the second does more damage or the launcher reloads faster” or some other unrealistic, not-based-in-the-real-world bonus. I understand this is a sci-fi game, but maybe if the weaponry behaved more like a weapon in the real world, things would be easier to fine-tune. Example: I love the Blight cabin; I can activate its perk and the fire turns magical green and does more damage. Fun? Hell yeah, but decidedly unrealistic. How do you balance something like that? Averter/Omamori: anything they’re attached too takes less damage. Show me something like that in the real world. Now you have to rebalance that every so often, especially as new weapons come out. Reloaders: cool, they make certain weapons reload faster. In the real world, a cannon/gun fires a maximum “X” rounds per minute and there is nothing that you can mount anywhere that makes it magically reload faster. Now you have to add reloaders to the rebalancing formula.

I really believe the whimsicality (I think that’s a real word; if not, it is now) of the perks is what throws modules back and forth between being balanced and unbalanced.

Well, yes if you like the game, you’d want them to make money so the game stays around and improvements/expansions come around…they gotta eat too, ya know…but the product you’re shelling out for has to be worth it. And if it seems like it’s ONLY a cash grab, then that’s what pisses people off. As for CW, my clan tried that, we failed 99%, and if I shelled out a few grand for super weapons (which I wouldn’t do anyway), I still wouldn’t play CW because I suck. CW for people like me could only be viable if it was was skill-based; that is, paired against people with similiar weapons and similiar win/loss rates.

Well, I still love the game, and yeah it has its faults, but it’s the people I’ve come to know here that allows me to overlook some of the idiosyncrasies. I make the point every so often that there was another game I played before this one, where I had over 700 (seven hundred) people on my blocked list. After finding this game, it was easy to cut back my time there.

This would be…


I agree with OP.

as a CW player and pvp-mission player:

yes, gerridas are dead now too. you can do nothing when dog bump side/back.

even more. even bigrams and mls are harder to use “leg advantage” that is rotating dogs when they bump you.

you would think “they buffed omnis/atoms”. Ok, but here again dog will just eat you.

Tracks? ye, also buffed, but crap is crap still. (maybe fast ones ok to use as dog lol)

Hovers? well, better situation than gerridas, but when you say “with hover i could dance before”.
Imagine with gerrida you cant dance like hover do - bump is bump and you slower.

hover nerf:

  • inertia
  • speed 5,5% nerf

gerrida nerf:

  • inertia (not much tho)
  • speed 7.1% nerf
  • no mixing with hovers = tonnage issue (and no hover broken rotation when flip or etc)
  • durability 10% alike nerf
  • removing main advantae of leg, making it into disadvantage of hover that you cant bump-push

so it would be same like making w-wheels limited to 80 speed, would also remove main advantage of wheels… so now gerridas are useless (maybe expect mixing with other even slower legs)

in short. gerrida is now slower non-flying hover.


Not just this is problem. Problem is DOGS get buffs.

We got DOGS players too and they said themselfs they get some buffs, not just against hovers/gerridas.

Personally I think It’s important that some pieces are not always the absolute best. And I know that veterans don’t like to admit it because like me they have 10 different hover builds with perfect fusions but… icarus were always the best movement part of the game. Strafing at full speed with high acceleration makes many weapons almost too good. I know that the usual defense is that it’s a “skilled” movement part because you often use and abuse the extra mobility to aim accurate weapons like scorps or punishers but that doesn’t change the fact that those were a bit overtuned (to the point that breakers on hovers were a thing…). Gerrida was a bit in the same spot to a lesser extent.

Let’s be real, for a “car” game, wheels were always left in the dirt. Who plays scorp on wheels ? Cannons on wheels ? machine guns on wheels ? The only reason wheels are even played in this game is indeed because melee builds need as much speed as possible. So I am fairly happy, some parts were tuned down and some other were tuned up. That may bring a bit more variety.

On the other hand, I agree that the flamethrower buff was a bit out of nowhere. Those were already good and right now they are a bit oppressive. This buff goal was to balance the blight nerf but the result is that even if youmanage to dodge and make them waste their green flame, they are really dangerous even without leaving to less counterplay. At least before, if they had to use their normal flame, your teamates could out dps them and destroy them before they destroy you.

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It’s the bisannual “DEVS KILLED MY HOVERS” thread, I see…

Balance patches come and go, but hovers are never dead. You just don’t play since long enough to know it.

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I fully agree. It cannot be said better then this.

And with the hovers, DEVS if you want to make them more skill based then just remove the stupid mouse steering and DONT put delay on them.

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I also feel like they are decreasing skill in the game and calling it “accessible”.
I for one would also like to see mouse steering removed from the game.
Making hovers so slow responding is just annoying , we were all happy with 75 top speed but having a responsive feel to them. Why on earth they went this road can only be explained by future plan’s we have not yet learned about . I feel like every mayor update is a test of our patience , it very much feels like mismanagement . Like some bugs after updates are game breaking and very obvious but take ages to restore . The penetration the tusk cabin enjoys after the penetration update for example is just disgustingly broken , your bumpers are intact when they drive into you but your cabin is on fire or you are dead with no counter play . Even 8 bumpers in front of a cabin will not protect you which is just silly . I would also like to add people seem to talk beside the point , this game used to be more responsive across the board on all movement parts. Please take notice that there are delays programmed on purpose , sure there was a more arcade feel about driving before but guess what? That is what made crossout the greatest game. Also people saying they need to make money need to understand there is a difference with making money and being full on predatory , this game is really trying to milk the last cash out of its player base and has no respect anymore for loyal players who gave their time/money to this game . I agree with OP and anyone who agrees with these updates are playing a different game imho. Cheers


Assuming I am correct and you are a cpu player, what comp is the #1 clan running on pc this week? Genuinely curious…

Someone shared an EQWS video with me, saying they are among the top PC clans. They ran 1 gerrida spider, 2 hovers, and 1 wheel build.

It seems the tales of the gerrida/hover demise are greatly exaggerated!


you just confirm what i said LOL

Just gerrida cant win dogs, 1 gerrida in 4 player team is fine since team help and they not always fight dogs.

Hovers i already told have better situation than Gerridas vs dogs anyway.

2 dogs. and also ripper that is weapon dog-counter lol.

Next they switched and had less dogs, only 1, but with ANTI-DOG ripper wapon ofc!

And enemy had firedogs that proove what i said again. only 1 hover and 1 gerrida

19:28 of their video, dog attack alone 1 vs 2 gerrida spider. Gerrida spider DIE - again proove what i said.

Enemy keep up with dogs.

top 1 could manage only because of “now nerfed” Assembler weapon

here update since you probably dont even seen.

Next enemy:

again only 1 gerrida, dog and anti-dog porc with kapkans to catch dogs in case.

and they lost this round as a very skillfull clan. well top 1 skill.


still dogs ofc. even 3 now. 0 gerrida in enemy.

41:26 again proove what i said. Gerrida can do nothing if enemy dog(in this case even light shotgun dog) bump back/side.

NEXT battle Enemy:

no gerrida at all again.

no need look more.

And if they won some having 2 gerridas and anti-dog builds only because of their skill and non-full gerrida composition and ofc anti-dog builds.

So here i just given facts that you see gerridas much less than wheels/hovers now (even if not a lot time passed so not everyone made new builds)

The main leg advantage for gerrida that was push/rotate wheel builds that bump you was removed, and its also visible in videos.

Also in almost EACH game, since they used some gerridas, they used ripper or porcs to counter enemy dogs. and ofc skill to not allow dogs bump side/back.

Did you seen them using Full gerrida, or full hover? or to not have special weapon to just counter dogs?

Answer is NO, and it just show you know nothing.

In same time it just confirm what i said. Mostly Dogs/Hovers in CWs again. Gerridas only if can counter enemy dogs with rippers/porcs. And there will be even less gerridas after time.

Now you can go to corner and cry. Or try to lie again and trash talk again.

who cares,go watch a movie :crazy_face:

You are a clown. You said gerridas are dead and then i see the #1 clan for pc using them. That means they aint dead, bub.

Gerridas were nerfed, and rightfully so. I thought the nerf would be too much and eventually, that may prove to be so. As for now, if the #1 clan choses to use them, you and I are not proven right.


So you chosen trash talk.

i broke your argument and you still trash talk skipping all arguments.

so no sense talk with u.

If that’s trash talk to you, I can’t imagine how you cope with actual trash talk.

As a disinterested observer, you come across as much more aggro in this interaction.

skipping all arguments and repeat same what in beginning not referencing to any argument is trash talk for me.