What other fenders fit "snug"?

Please note: I have not yet collected all the fenders in the game

But am i crazy or are the original truck fender and Torino fender the only fenders that actually fit nicely around tires?

Every other “Fender” seems to be stopped short by the collision control and screws with my body lines lmao

P.S. Anyone know where i can find the blueprints to the pre-made vehicles in the “Enemy in reflection” brawl? I like those designs and just want to know what parts they used.


It depends a lot on what wheel you are using. Some of them have invisible hit boxes that prevent some fenders from fitting close.
But you are also right that the various fenders have inconsistent hit boxes as well.
I still go through a certain amount of trial and error, but with the wheels I use most often I have a general sense of which fenders will fit right.

One thing I do often is use the generic fender attached to the frame, and then attach a more decorative fender to that one. Also works with some of the big heavy fenders. That trick will sometimes allow a fender to fit better.

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They used more parts than players have access to. Such as, 6x parts that we only have 2x of, etc.

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try this! it fits nice and snug, and itll get rid of enemies to!