What should the next co-driver be?

What do you want the next co-driver to be?

I’d like something that buffed crossbows, but that might be too niche.

Would be nice to have one that did something for the entire unclassified weapon territory.

Maybe some that are focused on a movement part? Like giving wheels a reverse speed buff, and a nitro perk that charges up.

I think a reload one could help counter the DPS dominance, but there might need to be some way of limiting how it stacks with hadron. Or not worry about it, and let cannons be truly scary.

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I say falcos gonna get nerfed

Hadron has a hard cap on it’s max shared reload. So I probably wouldn’t worry as much about it.

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Perhaps a main perk being tied to movement speed/power or durability when near enemies?

Passives including:

Cryo effect buffs alongside reduced cryo effect to the player.

You could do a reload bonus relative to how many weapons you have, including Hadron, something like: 10% reload with 1 weapon, 5% for 2+ reloading weapons, 2.5% for Hadron builds.

Decreased build inertia maybe?

Making it a true movement based co driver but a little offensive reload ability.

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the next codriver should be a complete refactor of the game as well as the internal team at targem

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Wow you are so cool and funny. No one has ever made that joke here before!


You’re joke has been made before, it’s not funny, and adds nothing to the conversation. If anything, Targem would benefit from going indie.

A dedicated cannon co-driver would be awesome. I main cannons/artillery (go ahead, laugh at me), and something to boost damage would be nice


Just fire all the current co-drivers and put a new more interesting system in place.

How about a pool of co-drivers that refresh every week with just randomized stats.
You could hire them for ‘intelligence’ points
The co-driver would increase in experience when you play the game with them active, costing ‘intelligence’ points to level them up.

But they are only available for a few hours daily, you would have to pay them more ‘intelligence’ based on their level if you want to use them for extended overtime.

And make ‘Intelligence’ points tradeble on the market.
This would make high level players buy it, and low level players giving some extra coin.

Now i know this sounds like a coin drain if you have alot of high level co-drivers, but it would also mean some money making for the Devs.
While giving the freedom to players to level up randomized co-drivers they like, and also something to do with those ‘intelligence’ points.

Maybe a co-driver that buffs freezing type of weapons. Something for the current seasons faction.

Helps with reload of weapons.


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A crossbow codriver would be cool
Or one that focuses solely on high energy cost weapons (11-12) like the kaiju and thursys and avalanche or any possible future weapons like this. Possible john waynes wang as well

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stop larping, what i said was in no way a joke

So it was just another attempt at derailing a thread with off topic ranting?

Thanks for your contribution!

if everyone completely ignores the (major) flaws of the game, then i will very gladly “derail a thread” in order to get them to wake up and maybe even do something about it

either way, sorry that you were offended by my horrible actions that caused a derailing of this thread. Im glad you appreciate my contribution towards the community

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So are you just going to post that same rant in every single thread? You know there are always multiple complaint threads on the first page for that, right?

I’m not offended, just annoyed.

you know who else is annoyed? people who put money into the game with the expectation that it wont go to shit.
so if you prefer to be an obedient good boy and shut up about the issues this game has completely, i respect your choice but i dont see why you would be surprised that other people do not.

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We’d all greatly appreciate if you made another thread, so we could keep on topic.

Another cool idea would be a codriver that boosts the things that fusions can’t boost. Not by a lot, but like +5% or something, but not really boosting much else. To keep it at least somewhat balanced I guess, some throwaway perks nobody cares about to bloat up the codriver, but the main thing is boosting the things that normally can’t be boosted. BUT, only for cabins

So Cerberus’s perk would be +20%, Echo would go from 115m, 50%, 7seconds to 120.7m, 55%, 7.35seconds, Deadmans 20, 15, 10 would be 25, 20, 15 you get the picture

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A codriver that basically runs passive radar.
The codriver would make circles on the minimap to represent the radar coverage of the vehicles within range. Friendly radars would be a blue circle while enemy radars would be red circles.

Ideally, it would also reduce detection range, so that the driver can snake through active radar without being spotted by said radar.

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