What should we chat about

any good ideas

nothing to talk about nobody will ever learn

true kinda but if people just sit back and actually listen to others ideas and not just think bout them selves and their own ideas then maybe this community can come together instead of being so divided but i will listen and think of others ideas and maybe talk bout them on stream

We should talk about big balls

cheesy ones tho, those little cheese puffs :smiley:

do you think they are yummy?? do you like to nom nom nom on them??

i nom nom on the long cheesy stick lol :rofl: :rofl:

definitely just a Cheeto, nothing sus.


omfg i forgot about that guy… which toy story movie was it again??

idk i only seen 1 nd 2 when i was a kid

Not sure. Had the pic stored away :slight_smile:

i think its from the 3rd movie

let’s see your learning skills.

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?? :smiley:

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HINT!!!: it has nothing to do with male parts or any soundalikes :smiley:

while you figure out the previous question, let’s talk about this beauty:


Or how to get rid of pesky door to door sales people


lol yes remote triggered claymore but id have it buried so nobody would know :rofl: :rofl:

the few times i posted youtube vids of crossout stuff on my channel i got a week forum chat block lol

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okay fine i’ll get rid of it :sob: