What the firetruck?

I have been playing for 90 minutes trying to win by base capture! I finally have one capture point and have to flee. Then my allies get another capture point. Then down to 2v2, one crippled enemy hovercraft that can shoot but not stop base capture and one weaponless enemy. I push my crippled but fully armed ally into to enemy base and we win by base capture! 90 minutes to finally win one by base capture! But, because I was out of the circle the last second of the third base capture point, I did not complete the Challenge to win by base capture, when we won by base capture, but I personally did not get the last capture point. What the Firetruck???

Plus, in 90 minutes, not one Domination Mission!

2 hours, not one Domination!

If I am last alive and they are capturing and there is no chance of winning, then I will hide until everyone wins by base capture for a week!

2 hours and 19 minutes, one Domination, captured 2 bases and won by base capture! Any other day, I get 3-4 Dominations an hour! Challenge complete! Firetruck!

Do a pve mission, and race around the map side furthest from the bot horde to the enemy base while your team is doing the fighting, and cap the enemy base. Took me only 2 tries.


It’s a very bad idea do include a challenge that requires capturing a base. It promotes weakness. To a warrior, capturing bases is a last resort, when outnumbered and outgunned. I won’t try to go for a cap win when I’m disarmed, but I know that my team can win by destroying the enemy vehicles. I want them to get that proper win. Only a coward would add such a challenge to the game, and only a coward would approve it. Chief developer Alex approves every piece of content added to the game.

Another way of looking at it is that if capping is treated like a normal way of winning battles, there’ll be group rushes to the enemy base, the team will get split up, because some will prefer to fight, and some may be too slow to join that campy run. And even if the whole team races to the enemy base, they’ll still lose, because that’s what happens to cappers making themselves easy targets by sitting in a base.

In 2 days, the mode “Control” will start. It involves winning by capturing 2 out of 3 bases. Here’s a leaked video showing Alex’s reaction when Yuri showed him his idea for the “Control” mode:

These developers just love capping

Alex and Yuri on the Road to Singularity - YouTube

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Instead of trying to force it… why not just play the game.

At some point, you will get a cap.

You kind of have to try for it as you have to be on cap to get the cap win condition flag. That’s pretty much were his frustration is coming from. I.e. it’s not just cap victory.

I understand the frustration - but is this challenge time limited?

You will get a cap at some point.

Maybe not in 90min. But in a week? Sure.

I’m not paying attention to the mini bp so couldn’t tell you.