What the hell is that joke? faction wars rewards

continuing the famous “i spit in your face” marathon the devs have engaged , i hereby present to your the VALUABLE rewards (as stated in post) you can get from faction wars. Adding insult to injury from helicopters in CW and killing confrontation points.

i mean i was not expecting a pair of fused scorpions ,but this level of disrespect is the very reason people are sadly turning their backs on what could be a great game , if properly managed.
Devs , you are often treated as clowns , but clowns are sometimes funny. you re pathetic.


from where im sitting, you’re the only one spitting in peoples faces. I want that bird hologram. If you just want to get into a spitting match, tell me what you like so I can start spitting all over it too. That’s only fair I think.

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Yes, Copters shouldn’t be in CW, not sure about the confrontation reference.

As for expecting a company to “give” you “valuable” free stuff… I am reminded of the “free” toys from cereal in the 70’s. Your free toy was cutting the box into a mask or some stupid crap.

Yeah, expecting valuable free stuff from a company is probably not a good course to take. That is a set up for a lifetime of disappointment.

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Those holograms are the valuable, as if they are traded they have long term value.

That and I think there is a hidden agenda with this, note we only have rotors for engineers, nomads, and dawns right now. And this war is between the 4 factions that DO NOT HAVE their own aircraft. I am betting the faction that wins this is the one that gets their aircraft parts first and weapons first.

thankfully they patched that this morning.


i think you mean the MAIN factions as the others dont either. the others meaning hyperborea, syndicate and founders. though i think you may be onto something there with your theory of whoever wins gets their rotors before the other.

also i want to say this, for myself i dont really care for the rewards here. if i get them i get them, if i dont then i dont. i thought there wouldve been a free weapon involved in this like a TOW missile from steppenwolfs or a phoenix bow from the firestarters. its disappointing that there isnt but what can you do? im in my firestarters faction because i was trying to gain a few levels for the additional items post level 15 so i guess im getting points for them lol.

I am aiming for firestarters at the last poing but going to do steppen for everything until then. The problem I Have is I like the things from steppen up until the last two where birds win out for me.

Yeah pretty much everything outside the holograms is bottom of the barrel tier fodderbloat content, I was imagining there’s be more actual items rather than the “totally items” like stickers, survivor portraits, banners and logos

Then again it’s free, but instead of hyping up 5 GREAT REWARDS they should have just said that there’s 1 hologram and that’s it

I like free schit. Thanks, Devs.

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because the forum is having issues posting my full reply, here’s a screen shot of it

use your power for good and whisper in skulas ear: “the forum is shit, cant even multiquote!”

well agree to disagree on the rest. think about this topic, a rant. the only replies were from you and patents and then me. if you guys could let it go this thread could have died with no replies at all.

“attempting to teach yall how to also talk to devs in a meaningful way”

makes you come across like a zealot. i dont think you should expect everyone to delude themselves like you do. the delusion being the devs making changes specifically based on your suggestions. and therefore listening to you so much, because you know how to talk to them.

tenshin thinks that too, probably you both suggested things you each claim was your original idea. thats a fight id watch!

no, I made a cartoon to “speak to the devs” about what the community (at large) wanted in the game. Something I spent 2 years making. They saw it and added half of it to the game. This cartoon comprised of community suggestions contained, a Spider build (not a spooder) and now we got real spiders, this cartoon contained more Ravager lore and, then, we got more ravager stuff added to the game, this cartoon contained and aerial faction and, now, we have an aerial mode. Lastly, it had a particular build in it and, then, they added that build to the game.

That’s not me claiming anything but what the facts lead to suggesting, and that is, I’ve found a way to get through to the devs in a way that affects change.

Ranting doesn’t help anything. Yes, I rant too BUT I know that ranting doesn’t help anything, so, let’s get our voices, yours and mine and supperax, to affect change as best we can…in an entertaining way, not a toxic spit-in-your-face way.