What to do with two Toadfish?

I’m using up a couple Toadfish workpieces, but it will be a little while before I can grind out the coin to buy a third.
What can I do with two? I guess I could go low PS and toss little cars around, but might feel too seal clubby.
I was also thinking of using an Acari with them, as it seems to have a similar projectile drop.
Or maybe with a single adaptor (or two) on Hadron?

Acari on a hover and youve got a budget CWs build.

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you have toadfish workpieces? since when? i never got those.

I uses acari with 2 toadfish on omnibox spider, not much else you can mix and match toadfish with besides acari

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Nothing wrong with that,
All your enemies at low PS are mostly enemy seal clubbers.
Thats where the most meta build scum are at, the higher you go, the more inexperienced moneywhales you will encounter.

I have no idea. Must have been one of the main BPs, as those are the only things I buy.

There is only noobs and sealclubbers at low PS, no inbetween. Unless I play PvP… in my art build…

I won a bunch of coins in that lottery thing, so I got all three toadfish a lot quicker than I expected.

Currently I’m trying to make a CC build with them, because at that PS range more cars are light enough to throw around.
I started off with three on a hot rod, and liked the feel. But you have to sacrifice a lot to get three toadfish under 9000ps, so I started experimenting with dual toadfish builds on epic cabins with more modules.
Picked up a Torrero, and trying to decide whether to attempt a triple toadfish hover.

Or should I try the dual toadfish, one Acari thing? Is Acari worth using in CC, or are the enemies not big enough?

the acari deals damage to everything except the cabin, hardware and movement parts. i think by hardware it also means weapons to because the acari doesnt do anything to weapons. so basically the only thing it really effects are armor parts and maybe the frames??
its practically useless now. its a real shame to cause it was super helpful against leviathans and whatnot. oh well. we cant have nice things.