What weapon you would you never like to get next (epic)

Out of the weapons you have what would be the least of them that you’d really like to see as an epic weapon?


this thing (i have it fused)

Are you sure your not a bot? Not many Humans like that print…

Second reason why you might be a bot and that is because it’s a CK in that photo…

well, i trying play tracks and meatgrinders

yeah i think i can be bot

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I meant as a this is legendary or special that doesn’t have a tech tree up crafting currently.

I would like that Hawks and sidekicks had an epic version ( Owls and Grenadiers aint that).

The epic weapon i would like to see as a Special, Caucasus, because 1100 PS it’s a thing of the past, it’s simple too much for a weapon:

  • Made of glass
  • Heavier than a Cyclone or a Whirl
  • Don’t fire if the line of sight is blocked
  • Lacks in damage

what weapon i want see as epic weapon, or what weapon i dont like to see as epic weapon?

lol… Are you sure your not a bot? I feel like we’ve been here before… Either’s really fine but it shouldn’t be a weapon that already exists.