What weapons do you expect to work with flying

what weapons do you guys think would be really cool for air units?
i was wanting the tow to have a special function for airborne vehicles. like your in the air, itll launch a missile at a bit of a faster speed and you can use it to hit your enemies from above. and dont say this is overpowered because you can do this with pyres and hurricanes.
what weapons dont work with flying though? anyone have some weapons that are duds?

also what do you all think about the TOW having a special function for flying?
do you think there should be a special guided rocket for flying helis?
im talking flying in a straight line with no drop offs. (i think Waltz’s do this but they fly in a weird pattern.)

I tried snowfalls, but the projectile drop was too big and I struggled to hit anything. Switched to waltz, and they work pretty good.
I’ve made a heavy helicopter with machinist and a couple millers, and it works better than I thought it would (I made it purely for the look). Heavy helicopters are slow but much more stable, which allows you to use high recoil DPS guns like this better than you’d expect from a helicopter.

yeah i tried that to lol.
i wanted to try caucasus buuuuuuuuut that wouldnt work as they cant be mounted sideways or upside down. though i think that would be pretty broken if you had a tracking weapon like that on a heli. just lock on and dodge.

You could still mount one low and it would probably work ok.