What will happen to coupons?

When they add the new co-drivers, what will happen to coupons???

Asking the hard hitting questions :slight_smile: lol


Good question!

Yeah, unless they change formulas to include them then I don’t see a use at all.

I’m kind of scared that they will include these in regular crafting

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They probably could just combine them with the engraved casings, at least they wouldn’t go to waste then.

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But engraved casing are already a waste :frowning:

The only reason that is kinda true is the workbench that uses them doesn’t have enough items that are of interest to players in it. They need to shift more stuff over there. They could move a lot of decor items over as well as basic paints. They really should have an alternate shot gun and cannon for the game mode too.


I’d like to see them overhaul crafting. That’s a prominent feature of this game that we use often. An improvement there could be an overall improvement to the game, and improve the quality of life in the Wasteland a great deal, I think.


Yup, they like adding new resources, and making others none-tradable, I started when it was scrap/copper/electronics/coupons/uranium then they added batteries/plastic etc to make the grind even worst. wish they made the talers tradable again, I would so grind for them to sell, as a lot of the events they do don’t really interest me, castings should be tradable too

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Yeah, it takes way too long and way too much parts/resources to craft a legendary forget about a relic, think if you’re crafting lets say a wheel, then 2 lower rarity wheels and some resources should be it (excluding white parts) not 3 parts and 4 different resources, look how much resources they ask for when it comes to crafting stickers and paints lol


Container “Legend” will be cheaper for novices, who want to try a Legendary weapon.

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YES… FRICKEN… PLEASE! and the reason i say this is i think weapons cost way to much to craft. i mean 600 - 700 scrap for RARES?! that needs to be cut by alot.

yes they really should be, i have 10k casings and i dont use them at all. any of the weapons they are used on are to expensive and cost less then what youd get just from selling the parts / resources to craft them. if i could sell them it would be an extra bit of cash in my pocket.

600 - 700 scrap just for a rare is way to dang much. not to mention with the premium you can make 10 rares per week if you max out your cap i believe. around 9 or 10. this needs to change >.>

but is it really worth the coin? think about it. that amount of coin isnt exactly easy to come by.

Yup, plus if you want to craft a part from scratch the higher you get the more time-consuming/expensive it gets. case in point to craft a legendary from scratch, you have to craft the public, and to get to the purple parts you need to craft the light blue then from there rare (blue) parts then white parts, currently, it takes a good amount of time to craft from scratch and resources, if you wanted to do it from scratch and not just buy the parts or one their lower parts to craft the tier higher part!