What would you expect from legendary engines? if they would ever get added

this post is not about if they are going to be added or not

but what would you expect from them or want them to be.

honestly, i expect them to have higher stats, but completelly new/opposite perks than the ones on the engines we already have.

a good one which could be a heavyer, and larger colosus with 3000 mass limit (only 500 more than colosus) but with a perk opposite than the one of opressor’s

"the lower the vehicle’s speed, the higher the weapon’s rotation speed, minimum bonus at 50 km/h, with a maximum of 60% at 0 km/h

lower perk than opressor, and extra mass limit woudn’t matter much as it could be 3 times as heavy as colossus.

what do you have in mind about the possibility of legendary engines?

Beyond the general expectations of power creep, I could go for this type of stuff in any of the engine rarities:

Built in Nos system for a speed boost/power boost.
Drone or module use extension as we have ones that do drone reload already.
We don’t have any that deal with leg speed yet, that would be nice.
As we have launchable turrets and similar stuff now maybe one that alters toss speed or distance.
A fair amount of weapons have charging mechanics now, so that would be an easy one to mess with. Reduce charge time.

One that would be truly different from what we have:
Increase load time in exchange for increased damage.

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all of those which you mentioned don’t “exit” here yet, they are different perks, so if someone is using an engine for the “perk” and not the stats, some people will choose the epic engines, to take into consideration, is that the “special” engine’s stats are almost the same as the epic’s, so the legendary ones could just have slight higher stats, totally different perks, while still not totally power creeping the engines totally, as a choise if not to use them will be there

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I’d imagine they would have 1 engine probably per faction group at min for legendary rarity. That would round out to be about 5-8 engines. The amount really depends on if they want to give them to second tier factions or just third and side factions. There out of this I would expect there to be the basic 3: Light, Medium, Heavy concept. Beyond that the others would land in the Utility or Specialty department.

Going for the perk or the stats sometimes just depends on if the engine has +tonnage or not. I generally think we could and probably would benefit from more engines across the rarities though. Some of the engines could be fairly close to their other rarity counter parts though as you mention too.

It needs to also work out where say a lower rarity cab can really make use of the higher rarity engine and still fit in to the powerscore that it’s boosted to.

I personally expect better mass limit/weight ratio or better perk and also cool looking one for art crafts.

But that’s none of my business. :sunglasses:

Tbh Idc if new engines will be epics or legendary ,for me is important to have more options than now. Im dreaming about old colossus perk :crazy_face:

Reload modules sucks and need to be reworked :love_you_gesture:

Higher power, increased speed and weight limit without them being the size of a truck.

Either they are going to be 2 energy consumption superbeasts, or 0 energy consumption engines that perform at the level of energy consuming engines

Either way most players won’t ever get to play with them