What's happened to a porcupine?

The weapon has become a legendary weapon, not a relic weapon. I can’t destroy Firedog like before, will this update continue or change in the future? I’m missing out on the fun with this update.

Porc did not change, firedogs did. In this new meta it seem that using a heavy cabin with melee weapons has become viable (due to the new engine that pushes heavy cabins, yokozuma in particular, above the 80 km/h threshold) while the nerfed blight see less play. You can expect those heavy dogs to have double the HP of a light cabin dog, so yeah porcs are a bit less of a hard counter to them.

Edit : Looking at a post below, there seem to be a bug where porcs don’t create fire puddles anymore. That should be fixed soon hopefully.

its fixed now.

The developer Faley stated on Reddit that Porcs are bugged until early May.

really? the porcs are working right now.

He did say early May but they working now, nice.