What's the difference between the averter and onamori?

Past the obvious one that is.

reading the description it seems to me that they work in different ways, one absorbs up to p 300 points of damage, the other gives 30% more survivability.

Is there any limit to the perk when used with Geizzly e.g?

averter with The Call cabin (with a drone deployed) is crazy durable with Grizzly. like, CRAZY durable. That’s all I really know.

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Averter is currently broken, because it give 23% resistance (that is 30% more hp alike), while in description its 30% resistance. While Omamori protect real 50% (that is 100% more hp alike), just 300 limit each some seconds, so omamori very good in long fights, averter might be better in short fights. Tho still 23% res vs 50% with 300 timed limit… Omamori in most cases wins.