Whats The most OP Wep in this game in mid ps?

this little guy… :crazy_face:
if you don’t shoot them your dead… :grimacing:



I am seeing a lot of them, but when I get annoyed by them I just run a build with Interceptor and drive around ruining droners and kapkans.
Personally, I’m finding gremlins quite powerful in that range, and seeing others figuring that out too. I like them on augers, but I see lots on omniwheels lately. Not sure why they’re only becoming more popular lately, as they were always decent and I don’t remember any recent buffs.

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maybe because they only cost 2 energy drain,easy to hide and do a shitton of damage,and hard to shoot off…i could be wrong :crazy_face:


Miller with oma, this combination with some heavy cabin is terrible, no brainer to deal a lot of damage and solid

Yes, but some mobile designs that use explosive damage weapons should be able to deal with them

especially if they are fused. the one i have activates the moment it hits the ground and starts targeting the instant it gets in the air making it attack super fast. not to mention… that thing does ALOT of damage to light / medium cabins. i seen them do decently in raids assuming the enemy doesnt off them the instant they are deployed. they can be quite strong in the right hands.

when i used the other rare versions… i think goblins? they didnt work well for me. no matter how far back i mounted them they always seemed to fall off somehow. on top of that they are weak imo, they take alot of damage from ramming to despite it saying it takes half damage. yeah tell that to my mangled gun after it falls off from tickling the opponents wheels. :unamused: