Whats the point in factions

Why do we still have factions when nothing gets added unless its a new relic nd that goes in engineers

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I think a lot of the new uncraftable weapons/modules/cabins should go into factions.

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i think we all think that but we all know its bout cash nd honestly theirs other ways to make money with this game, like season passes yes, more nd a little cheaper car packs that many will buy yes, more CK’s yes, mini passes yes, cross crowns yes, uncraftable stuff nd blue prints getting put in storage ur looking for a mass drop in player base, i know for a fact that they read all these so IT would be nice if they took this as advice nd not look at it like im some dumbass player shooting smoke, ive been trying to save this game for years

i just dont see a point to any factions anymore. they wont add anymore blueprints to any factions and everything is locked behind season passes and battle passes and whatnot. theres no variety to the game anymore, alot of weapons are far to high in price as well. them keeping blueprints out of factions is just going to hurt them in the long run.
also i dont see a point to the hyperborea faction either. the only time they are available is through the battle passes and the rest of the time they have literally nothing to make. why they did it this way? i think because of money. but i just dont like how this is done. i wish theyd add some more blueprints to the game again, its been far to long that they added in permanent blueprints. been a few years i think.


They have no point other than requiring players to have hundreds of hours of grinding to unlock all the structure they need to be competitive.