What's with the freak names?

I’m talking about people renaming themselves with stuff like “Ʒ Ԣ Ƹ”. Logged on today, checked friends list to see who was on, and I see another player changed their name to some untypeable gibberish. Didn’t even ask them who they were before that, just removed them. Maybe it’s amusing to some, but I’m sure it’s annoying to alot of others. You can’t even have a chat with or about them, because you can’t type their new name (ex. “hey Steve, check out Zaxxon459’s new build”). If “Zaxxon459” changed his name to gibberish like in my first sentence, there’s no way I can type those symbols and refer to him. What’s up with this stuff?

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Some will think it’s edgy but it also stops people searching you up if they can’t type it

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Freaks gonna freak and that’s why the world is so freaky

The new omg so cool thing

you see, ironically the fact you made this post is the answer to your question.

It’s just the 2000s anime kids collectively renaming themselves Naruto so you can spot them better to put them on your ignore list.

Not to sound too judgemental, but we had better jokes (and anime) in my days.