What's wrong with this?

Can someone explain to me why the automatic system thingy removed my quote?

What did I do wrong?

Nothing seems to be wrong on your end, it must be those targem monkeys again they train to press random ban buttons.

Maybe getting flagged by multiple accounts (like alt-accounts or other actual people) triggers an automatic response?

My guess would be, he logged in with an alt and flagged the post a second time or multiple times, triggering said predictable automatic response, as pathetic and lonely as that sounds.

As a person who used alts in the past, i never had this problem.

Imagine having an alt for this dead shit hole

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Cleary, he/it said for you to go play WoWs.

Don’t do it, man, that it’s what’s wrong…very wrong

hi doc, you are very correct. its either auto remove on multiple flags or some mod comes by and just presses the button upon seeing multiple flags.

this is a safe space, absolutely nobody cares. unless you call the cops, like a little rat.