What's Your go to Movie ? 🎦 (off topic)

edit: that you can rewatch when you can’t find a movie to watch.


I feel like it’d be easier to answer if the question wasn’t as vague as possible.

If you’re asking about the movie that defined my childhood, it’s obviously Jurassic Park. Born in 1990, baby.

If you’re asking about my favorite movie, it’s The Breakfast Club, and anyone who answers something else gets zero credibility as far as I’m concerned.

F*cking god-tier dialogues, and more and more pertinent considering how the old farts who own the world infantilize us.


Rewatched the Breakfast Club last week!

I find it interesting that it also resonates with people that didn’t live through the 80s.

I think I’ll place my vote for Fury Road. Maybe not the best movie, but I can watch it over and over. Always inspires me to want to play Crossout.

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Okay I’m rewatching it this evening :triumph:

Fury Road is about the only meaningful western action movie of the last two decades. Everything else seems to be some stupid, futile michael bay-esque fever dream, or a garbage revenge movie that makes me want to go watch a good, korean revenge movie instead >.>

Having themes and not handling them like a complete moron is enough to be miles above the competition nowadays, but Fury Road is also very, very good looking, with strong design choices. Just a great movie.


The early reviews of the sequel are pretty positive too. I might even go see it in the theatre.

I do recommend the newest Japanese Godzilla flick (I think it was called Minus One?). Proves that CGI doesn’t need to look like CGI. Totally a return to what made the old Godzilla films great, but also more gritty.

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Wait… I thought Minus One was a Toho movie. It’s a Hollywood movie? :'c

Loved Shin Gojira, it was nice to see Hideaki Anno on top of his game again, and proving that he’s a S-tier director who can make a great movie regardless of the medium.

Edit: I searched a bit more info on Minus On, and it’s the first japanese movie to gain the best effects oscar ! Pretty good considering how far behind Japan’s CGI was before that…

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No, it wasn’t a Hollywood one (am I misreading your reply?)

Edit: just saw your edit. It’s the best looking blockbuster type movie I’ve seen for a while, and it’s really nice they brought back the original radiation plotline.

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I was going to post this movie, because I do love this movie, but it makes me so homesick I want to commit suicide when I compare what we were to what we have become. I can’t watch it anymore. It is a gem though, and a pitch perfect time capsule of the 80’s (I was there).

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The world is changing fast. Some 80s dystopian cyberpunk movies are starting to become reality. Give it another decade and we have RoboCop and Judge Dredd all over the US and EU :joy:

There’s a creepy ass corpo building near where I live, Plastic Omnium, complete with a OCP-like logo. I’m convinced they’re the bad guys of my story arc :triumph:


Little Nicky gets me everytime.